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What Materials Are Used For Stamping Parts?

The sheet metal is usually used for stamping. The commonly used sheets for metal parts stamping are low titanium alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and their alloys. They have high plasticity, low deformation resistance and are suitable for cold stamping.


(1) Copper-aluminium and its alloys are widely used as internal components of electrical equipment because of their excellent ductility and conductivity.


(2) Stamping process of carbon steel and stainless steel is often used to manufacture equipment shell, structural parts, box body, etc. But because of its strong stiffness, stamping oil is usually used to improve the process.


(3) Titanium alloy stamping is mainly used in a large-scale equipment, aircraft, ships, satellites and other scenarios requiring low weight and high strength. The processing technology is difficult and expensive. Therefore, special stamping oil must be used to improve the process level when stamping titanium alloy.

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