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Bending Metal Plate
bending metal plate
  • bending metal plate
  • bending metal plate
  • bending metal plate
  • bending metal plate
  • bending metal plate
  • bending metal plate

Process: Blanking bend anodized sandblasted rivet. 

Material: aluminum plate.

Power box accessories support plate. Sheet metal processing electrical box

Sheet metal processing is thin metal parts, through stamping, bending, stretching and other means to process the parts or products, a general definition is the thickness of the same parts or products in the processing process. Electrical box is one of the products in sheet metal processing.

Surface treatment: Our surface treatment include Powder coated,Electroplating, Anodising, Chromrplating and so on.

Color :Red, black, blue, green, white.

Selection features of sheet metal processing materials:

1. Cold rolled plate SPCC. Mainly used for electroplating and baking, low cost, easy to form, material thickness ≤3.2mm.

2. Hot rolled plate SHCC. Material T≥3.0mm, also use electroplating, baking paint parts, low cost, but difficult to form, mainly use flat parts.

3. Galvanized sheet SECC and SGCC. SECC electrolytic plate is divided into N material, P material, N material is not used for surface treatment, high cost, P material used for spraying parts.

4, copper. Mainly used conductive material, its surface treatment is nickel, chromium plating, or no treatment, high cost.

5. Aluminum plate. Generally used surface chromate (j11-a), oxidation (conductive oxidation, chemical oxidation), high cost, silver, nickel plating.

6, aluminum profile. Materials with complex cross section structure are widely used in various boxes. Finish with aluminum plate.

7, stainless steel. No surface treatment is required, but the cost is high.


Packaging Details as bellow:

(1) Single one protected by pearl wool, in a bag. 

(2) A carton for multiple bags. 

(3) Multiple cartons on a pallet . 

(4) Stretch film winding pallet before package. 

(5) Special products can be customized. 

(6)Standard export carton packing.

According to the customer request and the product characteristics

Bending metal plate includes bending aluminium plate and bending stainless steel plate.

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