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Sheet Metal Chassis&Cabinet Parts

Sheet Metal Chassis&Cabinet Parts


Aluminum 5052


Laser cutting, QC, bending, QC, sandblasting +Anodized, QC, Riveting


Surface treatment: 

Sandblasting +Anodized


+/- 0.1mm

For this Chassis accessory, the cutting holes have more ventilation for the diffusion of heat when working for too long time. Sand blasting+Anodized will be more economical than surface treatment. The cool gray color will present more Strong sense of technology.

Sheet Metal Chassis Parts

Sheet Metal Chassis Parts require a skilled qualified operator &  powerful cutting, and bending equipment, and reachable experience in assembly for Riveting, and finishing. Whether you are a local company or a homeowner working on a one-off project, partnering with a precise and efficient sheet metal chassis parts manufacturer can make a huge difference in your project’s timeline and budget. 

Here, HSJ, skilled Team takes pride in the sheet metal Chassis Parts work. We invest in the high-tech equipment and training necessary quickly and accurately.

If OEM, ODM, or Customized sheet metal chassis parts services, please contact HSJ. We will be happy to answer all your Chassis Case Parts questions and estimate for your project product.

Application of Sheet Metal Chassis&Cabinet Parts

These parts are widely used on chassis, cabinets, and controller boxes.

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