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CNC Custom Aluminum Parts

CNC Custom Aluminum Parts

Material: aluminum

Process: Cnc machine-wire drawing-reveting-anodizing-silk printing

Color: steel color(we offer powder coating and we supply red,black,blue and other colors )


The surface of this product is very smooth. There is no burr at the edge of the board.

Its application is in the electrical field.

Aluminum processing advantages are stable processing quality, high precision, high repetition accuracy.

The advantages of CNC machining aluminum are good quality, high size accuracy, better finish,not easily deformed and long service life.

(After wire drawing, there should be no scratches or bruises on the surface.)

Wire Drawing: it is a kind of abrasive belt grinding. By grinding the metal surface with sand belt, the defects on the metal surface can be removed and the decorative surface with uniform grain can be formed.

Packaging Details

1. Prevent from damage. 

2. Foam and paper box or wooden box. 

3. As to customers' requirements, in good condition

We provide you with custom cnc aluminum parts.

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