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Combined Electronic Enclosures

Combined Electronic Enclosures


The sheet metal pressing process can be roughly divided into two categories: separation process and forming process (also divided into bending, deep drawing, and forming).

The separation process is to separate the stamping parts and the blanks along a certain contour line in the stamping process, and the quality of the separated sections of the stamping parts also meets certain requirements;

The forming process is to plastically deform the stamped blank without breaking, and convert it into the desired finished shape, and also meet the dimensional tolerance requirements.

According to the temperature conditions at the time of stamping, there are two methods of cold stamping and hot stamping. This depends on the strength, plasticity, thickness, degree of deformation, and equipment capabilities of the material, as well as the original heat treatment state and end-use conditions of the material. 

Our electronic metal box is made of galvanized sheet and the surface is not treated. The production process throughout wear gloves to ensure that the surface of the product is flawless and free of stains. The middle molding is a simple molding mold making, which saves costs, reduces mold costs, and reduces production costs. For all products, we will consider reducing the production cost for our customers, while ensuring the quality of our products and meeting every detail of our customers.

Classification of precision sheet metal stamping part

Auto parts: mainly include automobile structural parts, automobile functional parts, automobile lathe parts, automobile relays, etc.

Electronic parts: mainly include connecting devices, connectors, brush parts, electrical terminals, and elastic parts.

home appliances part: mainly include household electrical parts, such as color tube electron gun parts, as well as small household electrical appliances parts, various structural parts, and functional parts.

IC integrated circuit lead frame: mainly includes discrete device lead frame and integrated circuit lead frame.

motor iron core: mainly includes single-phase series excitation motor core, single-phase household motor iron core, single-phase shaded pole motor core, permanent magnet DC motor core, industrial motor core, plastic sealed stator core.

electrical iron core: mainly contains E-shaped transformer core, EI-shaped transformer core, I-shaped transformer core, and other transformer iron chips.

Heat exchanger fins: mainly include industrial heat exchanger fins, household heat exchanger fins, and heat exchanger fins for automobiles.

Other types of parts: mainly include instrumentation parts, IT parts, acoustic and camera parts, modern office parts, and daily hardware.

All of our products are made according to customer's drawings, so you only need to provide one drawing, we will do any product that meets your needs.

Production of electronic metal box

With mature sheet metal stamping technique, HSJ fabrication produces high-quality electronic metal boxes, which have received good comments from our clients. Our electronics cases boxes include electronic parts box, electronic metal box, and small electronics box.

If you need this kind of products, please feel free to contact us.

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