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The sheet metal chassis is a chassis that is required for the use of a comprehensive cold working process for metal sheets (usually below 6 mm). Processing techniques include shearing, punching, cutting, compounding, folding, welding, riveting, splicing, forming (such as car body). Its remarkable feature is the same thickness of the same part.

The chassis made of sheet metal can meet the various functions and appearance requirements of the chassis. The metal chassis can make the stamping die manufacturing at a low cost.

We have metal chassis for robot and aluminum robot chassis.

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Sheet Metal Chassis Electronic part

Customized sheet metal fabrication metal chassis                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Surface treatment (finish)High polish, brush, sandblast, anodization plating (nickel, chrome), powder coat , Lacquer painting, silkscreen, pad printing

Sheet Metal Chassis Electronic part


Tolerance: + / - 0.02 mm - 0.1 mm

Equipment: HSG(HS-G3015A) laser machine,bending machine

Production capacity: 10-10000000pcs

Sheet Metal Chassis Materials

Materials for chassis CNC: SGCC galvanized plate, SECC electrolytic plate, SUS stainless steel (model 201 304 316, etc.), SPCC iron plate, white copper, red copper, AL aluminum plate (model 5052 6061, etc.), SPTE, spring steel, manganese steel

Sheet Metal Chassis Custom Solutions

Sending the drawing or your demand to us. Let us know your products’ details and we could offer the sample for you.

  • 1.Provide correct and complete drawings.
  • 2.Quotation (reasonable quotation according to the drawings)
  • 3.The customer confirms the quotation and pays the deposit.
  • 4.Proofing according to the drawings
  • 5.Customer confirmation sample
  • 6.Mass production (of course we also do small batch customization).

If you are looking for a reliable laser cutting manufacturer, HSJ can be your best choice. We have our own designer team and professional service will get back to you. Please contact us at any time.

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