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Stamping Computer Enclosures

Stamping Computer Enclosures

Surface treatment:We are capable of providing various treatments, including powder coating, anodizing, silk printing, color plating, laser logo, and more.

Process:Sheet Metal Stamping


For Mild Steel: Powder coating, Painting, Hot dip galvanizing, Brush finish

For Stainless Steel: Powder coating, Electro polish, Mirror finish

For Aluminum: Powder coating, Anodizing, Brush finish

Our services are fully customizable to meet your specific requirements. Sending us your design and ideas, we will give you the industrial computer enclosure you need.

Industrial Computer Enclosure Fabrication Tolerance

With a fabrication tolerance of 0.1mm, the manufacturing process of the industrial computer enclosure aims to achieve a high degree of precision and consistency. Each dimension, cut, bend, and assembly involved in creating the enclosure must be controlled within this tight tolerance range of 0.1mm.

Industrial Computer Enclosure Fabrication Process

In the realm of industrial computing, the fabrication process for computer enclosures plays a pivotal role in ensuring the optimal performance, protection, and durability of critical computer equipment used in demanding environments. Our company takes pride in offering a comprehensive and meticulous fabrication process that guarantees top-quality industrial computer enclosures tailored to meet the exacting requirements of our clients. Here's an overview of our fabrication process:


The fabrication process commences with blanking, a precise technique used to cut large sheets of metal into specific shapes and sizes. Our state-of-the-art machinery allows us to achieve accurate and consistent cuts on various metals, ensuring the foundation for the enclosure's components is formed with precision.


After blanking, the next step involves bending the cut metal sheets to create the three-dimensional structure of the enclosure. Our skilled technicians utilize advanced press brakes and other bending equipment to precisely shape the metal panels and other components to the exact angles and dimensions required for the enclosure's design.


To achieve robust and seamless joins, welding is a crucial aspect of our fabrication process. Our certified welders employ various welding techniques, such as MIG (Metal Inert Gas) or TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding, to securely fuse the different components together, ensuring structural integrity and enhancing the enclosure's resistance to external forces.


In certain instances, riveting is utilized as an alternative or complementary method for joining components. This process involves securing parts together using rivets, providing strong connections, especially in areas where welding might not be suitable. Our attention to detail during riveting ensures that the enclosure maintains its integrity and can withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments.

Surface Finishing:

As part of our dedication to delivering top-notch products, we pay meticulous attention to surface finishing. Depending on the specific requirements and preferences of our clients, we offer various surface treatments, such as powder coating, anodizing, or painting. These finishes not only enhance the enclosure's appearance but also contribute to its corrosion resistance and durability.

Quality Inspection:

Throughout the fabrication process, rigorous quality inspections are conducted to ensure that each enclosure meets our stringent standards and adheres to the specified tolerances. Our quality control team scrutinizes every detail, verifying dimensional accuracy, welding integrity, and surface finishes, guaranteeing that only flawless enclosures leave our facility.


As a customer-centric company, we understand the diverse needs of our clients. HSJ is a professional Sheet Metal Fabrication service supplier based in China. With a team of highly skilled and experienced welders, we take pride in delivering top-notch sheet metal fabrication services to our valued customers. Computer enclosure or pc enclosure is our main product. We also provide waterproof outdoor computer enclosure and industrial computer monitor enclosures for you. If you want to customize your own industrial computer enclosure, please feel free to contact us!

Custom Computer Cabinet Enclosure Packaging Details

To ensure the safe delivery and protection of our custom OEM sheet metal industrial computer cabinets and enclosures, we employ a comprehensive packaging approach. Our packaging details include:

  • Bubble Wrap:

We begin by carefully wrapping the enclosure with high-quality bubble wrap. This soft and cushioning material serves as the first line of defense, safeguarding the enclosure from scratches and minor impacts during transportation.

  • Carton Box:

After the bubble wrap, we place the wrapped enclosure into a sturdy carton box. The carton box is selected based on the size and dimensions of the enclosure to provide a snug fit, preventing any unnecessary movement during shipping.

  • Wooden Box:

For added protection, particularly for larger or more delicate enclosures, we further encase the carton box in a robust wooden box. The wooden box offers excellent structural support and shields the enclosure from potential rough handling and external forces during transit.

By implementing this multi-layered packaging approach, we ensure that our custom OEM sheet metal industrial computer enclosures reach their destination in pristine condition, ready to serve their intended purposes effectively and reliably.

Buy Custom Computer Enclosures From HSJ

HSJ is a leading Sheet Metal Fabrication service provider headquartered in China. If you have specific preferences or unique specifications for your industrial computer enclosure, our team is readily available to assist you in creating the perfect solution. Don't hesitate to reach out to us! We are here to turn your vision into reality! Contact us today and experience the excellence of our sheet metal fabrication services firsthand.

   1. Quick Response and quickly action,your inquiry will be replied in 24 hours

   2. Competitive Price directly from in housing plant.

   3. High quality due to first-hand control in factory.(control each step)

   4. OEM/ODM:custom fabrication according to your drawings or samples.

   5. Flexibility:small orders are acceptable for quick delivery and help you reduce the stock cost.

Computer enclosure or pc enclosure is our main product. We also provide waterproof outdoor computer enclosure and industrial computer monitor enclosures for you.

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