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Powder Coating Metal Cabinet

Powder Coating Metal Cabinet


SPCC(WE also offer Carbon steel ,Zinc plate,Stainless steel,Aluminum,etc.)

Surface treatment: 

Blacking,polishing,anodize,chrome plating,etc


Bending, Welding , Cutting,deburring

HSJ Metal Powder Coating Process

The process of HSJ metal powder coating begins with the preparation of the metal surface. The metal parts are cleaned and degreased to remove any dirt or oil that may be present on the surface. This ensures that the powder coating adheres properly to the metal surface.

After the surface is prepared, the powder coating is applied using an electrostatic spray gun. The gun charges the powder particles so that they are attracted to the grounded metal surface. This creates an even coat of powder on the metal, covering every nook and cranny of the surface.

Once the metal parts are coated, they are then placed in an oven to bake. The oven is set at a specific temperature and time depending on the type of powder being used and the metal being coated. During the baking process, the powder melts and fuses together, forming a smooth and hard coating on the metal surface. The result is a powder-coated part that is highly resistant to scratches, fading, and other wear and tear.  

In conclusion, metal powder coating is a highly effective process that provides a durable and aesthetically appealing finish to metal products. The process involves cleaning and preparing the surface, electrostatically spraying the dry powder, and then baking the parts to create a hard and protective coating. With its many benefits, powder-coated parts, including powder-coated metal cabinets is an excellent choice for many industrial and consumer products.

  • Pretreatment

     All parts go through a  five-stage chemical pretreatment process where an Iron Phosphate Conversion Coating is applied for steel or a Non-Chrome-chromate for aluminum parts. Because corrosion is any metal’s worst enemy, HSJ Powder Coating takes no shortcuts in ensuring this first step is done correctly, as it is the basis for an impenetrable protective coating for corrosion control.

  • Application

    The paint particles are forced by compressed air through a gun that gives the particles a uniform positive charge. The charge helps these paint particles spread evenly on the target piece, which has been grounded to give it a negative charge. Opposite charges attract, and voila! The paint sticks to the target, dispersed evenly.

  • Curing

    The powder-coated piece is baked in our large-capacity ovens, causing the powder to melt and flow evenly into a resilient protective barrier. In a short period, the part is cured and ready to be shipped.

HSJ Power Option for Metal Powder Coating

There are several types of powder coatings available for metal powder coating. Some of the most common types of powder coatings are:

Epoxy powder coatings

Epoxy powder coatings offer excellent adhesion, corrosion resistance, and chemical resistance. They are ideal for indoor applications and are often used on metal objects that are exposed to chemicals or heavy use.

Polyester powder coatings

Polyester powder coatings are often used for outdoor applications as they offer excellent weather resistance. They are also resistant to fading and chalking, making them ideal for use on metal objects that are exposed to direct sunlight.

Polyurethane powder coatingsPolyurethane powder coatings offer excellent scratch resistance and durability. They are commonly used for industrial and automotive applications, as well as on metal furniture and appliances.
Acrylic powder coatingsAcrylic powder coatings offer excellent gloss retention, making them ideal for use on metal objects that require a high-quality finish. They are often used on metal signs, lighting fixtures, and aluminum extrusions.
Hybrid powder coatingsHybrid powder coatings are a combination of two or more types of powder coatings. They offer superior durability, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance, making them ideal for use in harsh environments.

The type of powder coating used will depend on the specific application and the requirements of the metal object being coated. It is essential to choose the right type of powder coating to achieve the desired surface finish, performance, and longevity.

Packaging Details of Powder Coating Metal Cabinets

1. With a plastic bag, with the pearl-cotton package. 

2. To be packed in cartons. 

3. Use glue tape to seal cartons. 

4. Deliver out by DHL, FEDEX, Air, Sea

Or according to customers' requirements.

Application of Powder Coating Metal Cabinets

Powder-coated metal cabinets are widely used in various commercial and industrial settings due to their numerous benefits. Powder-coating metal offers an incredibly durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing finish, making it an ideal choice for metal fabrication and powder coating.

One of the major applications of powder-coated metal cabinets is in the manufacturing and installation of powder-coated steel cabinets. These cabinets are used in industrial settings, such as warehouses, factories, and workshops, where they help to store equipment, tools, and other materials. Powder-coating metal helps to make these cabinets more resistant to scratches, dings, and other types of wear and tear.

Powder-coated metal cabinets are also used in healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. These cabinets are designed to store medical supplies, equipment, and medications, which must be protected from various environmental factors, such as humidity and dust. Powder-coating metal provides an excellent barrier against these elements, ensuring that the contents of the cabinets remain safe and secure.

Another popular application of powder-coated metal cabinets is in the food service industry. These cabinets are used in commercial kitchens, restaurants, and cafes to store ingredients, cooking utensils, and other kitchen essentials. Powder coating metal provides a non-toxic, hygienic, and easy-to-clean surface that helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

In addition to these applications, powder-coated metal is also widely used in the fabrication of other products, such as metal furniture, signage, and even outdoor equipment. Metal fabrication and powder coating go hand in hand, with many fabricators offering both services to their clients.

Advantages of Powder Coating Metal Cabinets

1. Long life time and Durability :

The powder coating forms a hard, scratch-resistant, and corrosion-resistant layer that protects the underlying metal from damage and wear and tear. This makes powder-coating stainless steel and other cabinets last much longer than cabinets that are simply painted or have no protective layer.

2. Environmental Resistance: 

using recycled materials that are good for the environmentThe powder coating layer is impervious to moisture, heat, ultraviolet radiation, and other elements that can cause damage to metal cabinets. As a result, powder-coated metal cabinets can be used both indoors and outdoors, without the risk of rust, corrosion, or fading of color.

3. Easy to maintain:

The coating is very resistant to scratching and staining, and any dirt or grime that accumulates on the surface can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth or hose. This makes cleaning the cabinets easy, quick, and cost-effective.

4. Environmentally friendly: 

Using recycled materials that are good for the environment. The Coating contains no solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This makes them safe to use in a variety of settings, such as medical facilities, schools, and homes.      

5. Unvarying and consistent quality on all casework, cabinets, and counters.

6. Reusing stainless and metal casework reduces disruptions, construction noise, dust, and contractors (security) into your facility.

7. Strong and resilient enough to stand up to daily habitual use variety of different design options to match your décor.

8. Fast installation times because the steel casework and metal cabinets and counters are pre-engineered.

In conclusion, powder-coated metal cabinets offer several advantages that make them an excellent investment for industrial, commercial, and residential uses. Whether for powder-coated metal cabinets or powder-coated metal boxes, HSJ powder-coating metal is a smart choice for fabricators and customers alike. 

Why Choose HSJ Powder Coating Metal Cabinets?

When it comes to storing and organizing your tools, equipment, and other items, nothing beats the durability and strength of powder-coated metal cabinets. These cabinets are designed to withstand tough conditions and provide long-lasting protection for your valuables. However, not all powder-coated metal cabinets are created equal, and that's why you should choose HSJ.

We specialize in providing high-quality sheet metal powder coating services for a variety of products. Whether you need powder-coated metal cabinets for your product parts, workshop product, or industrial facility, we have the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional results.

Finally, if you're looking for powder-coating metal near me, HSJ Sheet Metal Powder Coating is the perfect choice. We have multiple locations, making it easy and convenient. Our team of experts is efficiently providing exceptional customer service and delivering high-quality results that exceed your expectations.

We have the facilities, equipment, and expertise to deliver consistently exceptional powder coating results. with product hanging, loading, and unloading space. The automated powder application booths are enclosed, minimizing the risk of contamination of products and finishes.

HSJ sheet metal fabrication Customized powder coating to meet most of the size and scope of your project. For smaller runs or larger products, the batch powder coating process offers a cost-effective alternative to a work line. Including efficiently & precisely powder coating large parts, assemblies, and structural frames that don't fit through the traditional powder coating line. Our company also provides you with the high-quality powder coated metal cabinets or powder coated metal box. Don't hesitate to contact us, if interested.

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