Custom Bending Electronic Enclosure

Custom Bending Electronic Enclosure


SPCC, SGCC, SECC,Stainless Steel,copper, aluminum,and so on

Surface treatment: 

Power coating, Polishing, Plating, Brushing, sandblasting, anodizing,passivation,silk-print ect.


Laser cutting, NCT Punching, CNC bending, riveting, welding, surface treatment and assembly and so on.

Key Specifications for Bending Electronic Enclosure

  • Tolerance: 0.1mm

  • Size: We can negotiate

  • Sea transport packaging options:besides common packing including plastic film & kraft paper packing, plastic bag packing , plywood board packing, wood box packing, pallet packing, bundle packing, we also offer customized packing based on client requirement.

Customization Process for Bending Electronic Enclosure

If you have the drawings, please provide the drawings. If you don't have the drawings, please send us the samples.

Application of Bending Electronic Enclosure

We have custom electronic enclosures, custom aluminum enclosures electronics and custom pcb enclosure for you, which are wideky used LED lighting, electronics telecommunication,home appliances, furniture, auto Industries, etc.

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