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Laser Carving Plate

Laser Carving Plate

Produce material:



laser carving






packed with carton and pallet. Also we can pack them as per customer's special request.

What is laser carving?

Radium carving refers to laser carving, is through the laser beam of light can lead to chemical and physical changes of surface material and carved traces, or through the light energy to burn off part of the material, showing the need to etch graphics, text; According to the way of carving can be divided into lattice carving and vector cutting. Dot matrix engraving - similar to high definition dot matrix printing; Laser head left and right swing, each time carved out a series of points composed of a line, and then the laser head moved up and down at the same time carved out a number of lines, after the formation of a full page of images or text; Its scanning graphics, text and vector graphics can be used matrix sculpture. Vector cutting is different from dot matrix carving. Vector cutting is carried out on the outer contour line of picture and text

Radium carving, also known as laser engraving or laser marking, is a surface treatment process using optical principles. Radium carving or a surface treatment process, and screen printing pad printing similar, are printed on the product word or pattern and so on.

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