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Sheet metal welding has argon arc welding, laser welding, spot welding, carbon dioxide protection welding,stainless steel sheet weldingaluminium sheet welding manual arc welding, etc. Spot welding must first consider the position of the workpiece welding, and consider positioning tools in mass production to ensure an accurate spot welding position. In order to weld firmly, the bumps on the workpiece to be welded can make the bumps evenly contact with the flat plate before the electric welding, to ensure the uniform heating of each point, and also determine the welding position, which will appear on the surface of the workpiece after spot welding. The welding boring is treated by a flat grinding machine. The sub-arc welding is mainly used when the two workpieces are large, and when they are connected together, or the corners of a workpiece are processed, the surface of the workpiece is smooth and smooth. Laser welding for welding small parts without the firmness of argon arc welding.

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Sending the drawing or your demand to us. Let us know your products’ details and we could offer the sample for you.

  • 1.Provide correct and complete drawings.
  • 2.Quotation (reasonable quotation according to the drawings)
  • 3.The customer confirms the quotation and pays the deposit.
  • 4.Proofing according to the drawings
  • 5.Customer confirmation sample
  • 6.Mass production (of course we also do small batch customization).
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