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CNC Metal Parts

CNC metal parts are about to turn the manual work into computer programming. Of course, you need to have experience in manual processing. General CNC machining usually refers to computer digital control precision machining, CNC machining lathes, CNC machining milling machines, CNC machining boring and milling machines. Cut off excess material and make the parts we want. The CNC has five axes and three axes. The tolerance of our CNC machining metal parts is up to ±0.05mm. We are one of the most professional CNC machined components manufacturers and we provide you with CNC metal parts. Custom machined metal parts are available.

CNC Machining Processes

As a professional sheet metal processing supplier, HSJ Metal Processing has the following  capabilities meet your needs for CNC steel parts.

CNC milling-a subtractive manufacturing process that uses three-axis milling and five-axis index milling processes to cut solid plastic and metal blocks into final parts.

CNC turning-a process that combines the functions of lathe and milling capabilities to machine parts with embedded features from metal rods.

CNC Drilling-It is done on lathes and mills. As the workpiece is fixed in this process, the center of the knife is aligned with the center of the hole and rotated to produce a round hole.


Design Guidelines for CNC Metal Part

CNC Metal Parts Tolerances
Maximum Parts SizeMilled parts up to 80” x 48” x 24” (2,032 x 1,219 x 610 mm). Lathe parts up to 62” (1,575 mm) length and 32” (813 mm) diameter
Lead TimeSample
Normally 3-5 Days,(need confirm)
Mass order:
Normally 7-35days(need confirm)
General TolerancesMetals parts will be held to +/- 0.005" (+/- 0.127 mm) ,as ISO 2768 standard,unless otherwise specified.
Plastics and composites will be +/- 0.010”
Precision TolerancesHSJ manufacture can do as per your drawing specifications including GD&T callouts
Minimum Feature Size0.020” (0.50 mm). This may vary depending on part geometry and chosen material.
Threads and Tapped HolesHSJ can meet all standard thread size.
Also  accept customized  threads
 along with manual quote review.
Edge ConditionSharp edges will be deburred by default,for safety assembly
Surface FinishAs customized request,below for reference:
Sandblasting, shot blasting, grinding, tumbling, polishing, brushing, spraying, painting, oiling, blackening, anodizing, electrochemical polishing, electroplating etc.

CNC Metal Parts Materials

HSJ Metal Fabrication is a machined metal parts supplier and works with a large selection of metal and plastic. As one of the highly acclaimed machined metal parts suppliers and cnc machining metal parts suppliers, we have stocked common kinds of materials and as a machined metal parts supplier, we can source for desired materials and provide machining options with customized raw materials that will match the application of your project. So you can choose from a broad range of metals and plastics in HSJ.

(1) Materials for CNC machining metal parts: Aluminum, aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum zinc alloy, copper, steel, iron, etc.

(2) CNC plastic: ABS, PMMA, PP, PC, POM, nylon, bakelite, etc.

plastic material 3
aluminum 1
aluminum 2
plastic material 1
plastic material 2

Why Choose HSJ for Custom Machined Metal Parts?

Why Choose HSJ for Custom Machined Metal Parts?

HSJ is a professional CNC metal parts manufacturer and supplier. If you are looking for a reliable CNC metal parts manufacturer, HSJ can be your best choice. We have the confidence to provide the best products for you. Please contact us at any time if you need us. Since 2015, 8 Rich experience engineers and 5 QC members to guarantee quality. Mr. Li, the president, and top leader of our manufacturing, with 20 years of rich experience from workshop front line, to manager work, then factory CEO. After raw accumulation experience, Finally successfully starts HSJ factory Day and night.

Why Choose HSJ for Custom Machined Metal Parts?

Reasonable price.

All the quotations are based on market material price, exchange rate, and work labor per hours consideration .so that to make sure the quotation's accurate and right.

Sample/MP lead time:

sample:3-7days normally

Mass order: (normal time)




Original manufacture.

We focus and specialized in sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining parts direction only.

Energetic Team

Every year the festival celebration, team travel, table meeting party, etc, makes the team energetic, so that to relax and can inspire new idea and have good mood action on work.

One-stop services

When got an idea or finished design, the first action is to update the drawing .then we can help you confirm data, evaluate the application, feedback confirmation, sample produce, QC, Evaluate order, QC, Mass order, and QC.the project summary, etc.

Quick Response and professional confirmation

After receiving the inquiry, will Response quickly to confirm the data, submit it to our quotation team, feedback on the result.

QC teamwork

All the material, process, labor time, QC make sure the qualified product .and inspection from Material,semi-product to finished product. After QC signs, the goods will go to the next process.

OEM, ODM Custom

Customized experience including material choice, solution match, Surface treatment evaluation, Logo, package way, delivery method, etc.

Delivery method:

Can choose below 

By Express, around 3-5days

By Air, around 5-7days

By train, around 25-35days

By sea, around 35-45 days

Applications of HSJ CNC Machining

Precision CNC parts
Precision CNC parts

Energy product hand model, LED light housing, mobile power housing, solar equipment, etc.

Medical device model: X-ray machine, Hemodialysis instrument, monitor, foot health instrument.

Industrial hand model: pipeline testing equipment, automatic meter testing equipment, intelligent robots, bearings, casings, etc. Aerospace, automotive field.

Three-axis CNC parts
Three-axis CNC parts

Advantages of the three-axis CNC: The machine can only realize the movement of the tool in space rectangular coordinate system by interpolation of three linear axes of X, Y and Z, which is suitable for product processing with less surface.

Material: aluminum alloy, copper,

Surface treatment that can be done: anodized black, dusted, electroplated, etc.

Accuracy of reach: ±0.1

CNC Metal Parts Related FAQs

CNC Metal Parts Related FAQs

  • What are the Different Parts of the CNC system?

    A CNC machine system consists of the following elements: Program; Tape Reader; Mini-computer; Servo system and CNC machine tool.

  • How CNC Machine Works?

    The CNC machine works based on CAD and CAM programs and computer control. CAD is drawing software. CAM has two codes, e.g. B. G-Code and M-Code on which all programs are written and fed into the machine to perform various operations.

  • What are the 3 types of tolerances in CAD drawing?

    The three tolerances that appear on the dimensional drawing are "bilateral tolerance", "unilateral tolerance" and "limit tolerance".

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