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Multi Axis CNC Parts

Multi Axis CNC Parts

Feature: five-axis CNC part 

Tolerance: precision of ±0.05. 

Surface treatment: anodized with a material of 7071 aluminum.

Advantages of Five-axis CNC Machining

  1. Improved processing quality. When the machining center processes the workpiece, the single clamping can process a variety of processes, reducing the error caused by multiple clamping. The products produced in this way are more precision.

  2. The processing preparation time is shortened, and the machining center can replace multiple general-purpose machine tools, so the time required to process one part is greatly reduced.

  3. reduce the tool cost, the tools scattered on the general machine table, concentrated in the tool center of the machining center, with the minimum tool holder to meet the processing needs.

  4. The equipment utilization rate is high, the utilization rate of the machining center equipment is several times that of the general machine tool. In addition, due to the concentration of the process, it is easy to adapt to various varieties and small and medium batch production.

In the development of five-axis machining, its application is mainly due to changes in production volume. Previously, it was mainly focused on the linkage of each axis. This technology is mostly used for the production of very small molds. Five-axis machining has been used for many years in the manufacture of fuselage parts, turbines, and blades for the aircraft industry. In the automotive industry, turbocharging technology has greatly increased production. This is mainly focused on reducing the processing cycle time.

In fact, the application of five-axis machining in mass production is increasing, and some parts of the parts do require five-axis simultaneous machining, while some parts do not require five-axis linkage. This increase in applications is due to the increasing complexity of parts and the increasing accuracy of parts. These parts are representative of most five-axis machining. In this case, there is an advantage that the entire processing is completed in one setup, and the reason why the five-axis machining is employed is that the processing capability and the production efficiency can be improved.

Most practical five-axis machines consist of three linear axes and two rotary axes. In addition, 3+2 axis part positioning (trunnion and planetary structure) with three linear axes and two rotary axes on one side of the tool has proven to be a good solution. Another innovative variant is the use of three linear axes and one rotary axis on one side of the tool, and the workpiece is driven by only one rotary axis (inclined head frame construction). These two structures will be further explored below. All five-axis motion is done on one side of the tool, and the work is not only the structure commonly used in the machining of large parts such as airplanes and large molds. This is because other parts are not possible because the part size and quality are too large. Recently developed parallel motion machine tools are also entering industrial applications. We are a company specializing in the production of various CNC parts and precision sheet metal parts; you can make any product or craft you want by providing a drawing.

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