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Notes for Precision Sheet Metal Machining

Generally, sheet metal parts with bending accuracy of ± 0.10mm are precision sheet metal processed parts. According to the common process of sheet metal processing, the laser cutting accuracy can be controlled at about 0.10mm, and the bending accuracy can be controlled at 0.20mm to 0.30mm. The welding accuracy is relatively difficult to control. Generally, it can be controlled at 0.30mm to 0.50mm.

Correspondingly, precision sheet metal processing requires high dimensional accuracy and appearance of parts. The 0.10mm high precision requirement is the main feature. If the CNC punch is the origin of sheet metal processing, then CNC bending is the origin of "precision sheet metal processing".

Generally speaking, it is not difficult for laser cutting machines and CNC punching machines to reach 0.10mm. However, when the product is bent to 0.10mm, it is not easy to achieve.

Precision sheet metal machining‍. Usually, it has the characteristics of small batches and multiple types, and usually does not have a very fixed form. Therefore, generally, it is processed according to the user's order requirements. It is also closely related to the requirements in the order.

1. Precision sheet metal machining and accurate drawings

In order to ensure that customers can process high-quality products, precision sheet metal processing. ‍Before processing, manufacturers often pay special attention to the specific requirements of customers. When receiving the order information and specific requirements of products, After drawing the drawings, submit the drawings to the engineering department. Precision sheet metal machining‍. The engineering department of the manufacturer will send the drawings to the corresponding technicians.  After the technicians have read and confirmed the drawings, they will sign them to the workshop for processing.

2. Quality inspection of precision sheet metal machining

If the product needs to be bent,  precision sheet metal machining‍. The manufacturer will pay attention to confirm the bending direction and bending scale.

In addition, if you need to replace the mold during production, the fine sheet metal processing ‍The sheet metal manufacturing china will also check from the beginning. The quality of the processed products is also tested.

To better serve users, process‍The manufacturer has not only formulated the cost standard for stainless steel precision sheet metal processing.‍ Precision sheet metal machining‍. Manufacturers also take every aspect seriously.

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