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Small Bending Parts
small bending parts
  • small bending parts
  • small bending parts
  • small bending parts

1. What kind of copper parts we can make?

We make Sheet Metal brass part for switchboards, distribution racks, boards, substations, and tower grounding. 

2.Fore example

This parts is Copper platoons, also known as copper busbars or copper busbars, are long conductors made of copper and have a rectangular or chamfered (rounded) rectangular cross section (now rounded copper bars are used to avoid tip discharge). The circuit functions to carry current and connect electrical equipment. Copper platoons are widely used in electrical equipment, especially in complete power distribution units;

Red copper cutting - bending - pressing riveting, 

When we processing we will pay attation to the product surface ,it is necessary to pay attention to this process must wear gloves, otherwise hand sweat will cause the red copper surface to blackIf customer need we could make powder coating/anodized  

Copper can be tinned or nickel-plated copper tin-plated agent

The production of copper tin plating agent, completely environmental protection, can quickly obtain bright silver and white tin coating on the copper surface, used for electroless tin plating on copper alloy surface, such as copper, brass, beryllium copper, does not affect welding and electrical conductivity, wear resistance, normal temperature immersion and repeated use                                                                      

Typical Applications:

Electronic Component Relays

Surgical Equipment Controls

Big cabinet inside parts and large electronic cabinet metal parts

Typical Materials: Copper

Rivet nuts, nuts are fasteners, the nut material is stainless steel

Laser Cutting:in this product, the first is blanking,it is cut by our advanced laser machine so the burrs are few and the size of the holes is very precise.


Package:Packed in bubble bag , laid into carton , Then packed into pallet. Or as customer require.

If you do not want the brass color we also can make black color or other color through powder coating. 

We also can plating Tin. Tin-plating agent on copper surface can be used for electroless tin plating on copper alloy surface such as red copper, brass, beryllium copper, etc., which can quickly obtain bright silver and white tin coating of 1.5-2 microns on copper surface

In this product we will have bending process and bending different shape. We willing accept client send them 3D drawing to us and we also make the best metal bending parts for them.

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