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Custom Laser Welded Parts
Custom Laser Welded Parts
  • Custom Laser Welded Parts
  • Custom Laser Welded Parts
  • Custom Laser Welded Parts

Material: Stainless Steel/Aluminum/Iron/SECC

Thickness: 1.5mm

Surface treatment: Spray and powder coating

Process: Blanking - hydraulic forming logo- bending - riveting - internal laser welding - screen printing.

benefits of welding as bellow:

  1. save metal materials and reduce structural weight; 

  2. Simplify processing and installation to improve production efficiency; 

  3. High structural strength and good sealing of joints; To provide greater flexibility for structural design;  

This case we use laser welding.

The welding process is heat conduction, that is, the laser radiation heating workpiece surface, surface heat through the heat conduction to internal diffusion, through the control of laser pulse width, energy, peak power, and repeat frequency and other parameters, the workpiece melting, forming a specific pool. Due to its unique advantages, it has been successfully applied in the precision welding metal parts.

About the blank, We also have laser cutting technology for this product.Our laser cutting technology is also very mature.The cut hole has very few burrs.Moreover, laser cutting features high precision and fast production speed.

we are a professional metal fabrication factory with an experienced engineering making custom products according to clients' drawings. We could accept CAD and 3D(IGS, STP, DWG)format.

Packaging Details as bellow:

  1. Suitable to sea transport. 

  2. Plastic film & kraft paper packing 

  3. Plastic bag packing 

  4. Plywood board packing 

  5. Wood box packing 

  6. Pallet packing 

  7. Bundle packing 

  8. As per customer's requirement 

One-stop service from raw material supply, sheet metal profiling, steel structure fabrication, surface

treatment, warehousing to logistics;

We are very accurate in both big hole and a small hole, and we are very confident in our technology and products. If you are interested in our technology or need our technical support, please feel free to contact us. We will reply as soon as possible.

We provide custom laser welding for you, such as laser welding steellaser welding copper and laser welding metal.

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