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Precision Sheet Metal Cabinet

Precision Sheet Metal Cabinet


  • aluminum sheet ( if you need other materials we also provide )


  • 0.1mm


  • sheet metal products processes including shearing, crimping, laser cutting, bending, stamping, pressing, deep drawing, rolling, forming, fabricating, drilling, tapping, riveting, welding, assembling.

Advantages of Sheet Metal Cabinet

Anti-Static, Antibacterial, Fireproof, Mould-Proof, Fire proof/Water

Widely used in the inverter, waterproof power supply, controller and other circuit boards shell installation, or as a chassis shell, it can be applied directly to the radiator

Aluminum alloy is a kind of nonferrous metal structural material which is widely used in industry. Aluminum profile radiator has low cost, easy processing, large power, high heat dissipation efficiency, corrosion resistance and many other advantages, so the application is very wide.

Customized Service for Sheet Metal Cabinet

Our sheet metal box include Control box, shell industrial control machine box ,shell laser cutting punching, sheet metal processing controller server shell shell galvanized sheet metal shell tapping, solid and beautiful sheet metal shell processing chassis shell non-standard proofing customized products.

We provide 3D drawings to solve customer technical problems. As a professional precision sheet metal fabrication manufacturer and we provide you with custom sheet metal cabinets and help customers design structure and appearance of products. Lead time is short, and we succeed by good service and high efficiency.

Application of Sheet Metal Cabinet

Metal cases are normally used in harsh environments such as noise and dust. The main board of the machine consists of two parts. Sheet metal cases have many advantages, such as extrusion resistance, dust resistance, shock resistance, corrosion resistance and so on. It has many advantages, but also makes it often used in harsh environmental conditions, such as power plants, chemical plants, navigation, underground operations and other places.

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