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Electronic Industry Parts

we can customize Security monitoring metal box, Server power box, Electronic power box, metal stretching net, Shield cover (Copper-Nickel-Zinc Alloy shield cover), (Stainless steel stamping ) shrapnel.

The hardware shrapnel we have made in the electronics industry is made of stainless steel or manganese steel after numerical control molding. It is an important part of switches or electronic products. Thanks to the continuity of the metal dome, there is a good elasticity between the operator and the product. At the same time, using the stable resilience of the steel sheet and the long life, the operator is provided with high-quality tactile feedback. Precision electronic chassis, electronic metal parts, bakelite, and CNC parts are also manufactured.

  • Security Monitoring Metal Box
    Security monitoring metal box is easy to install, flexible to use, easy to maintain.
  • Server Power Box
    Server power box provides space for power supply, motherboard, various expansion boards, floppy disk drives, optical drives, hard drives, and other storage devices, and through the support of metal pa...
  • Electronic Power Box
    The main function of the power box is to install the control board of the circuit controller, which is widely used.
  • Metal Stretching Net
    Top cover heat dissipation structure and vehicle. The roof heat dissipation structure includes a ventilation duct extending from the engine compartment toward a top of the vehicle, the vent...
  • Shield - White Copper Shield
    It is made of imported Copper-Nickel-Zinc Alloy by stamping and processing under the premise of low material consumption.It has good rigidity, high strength, uniform size with the same module, and goo...
  • Stainless Steel Stamping - Shrapnel
    Stainless steel stamping parts - shrapnel, mainly metal or non-metal sheet, by the pressure of the press, through the stamping die formed, it has low material consumption, light weight, good rigidity,...
  • Precision CNC Lathe Turning Parts
    Relay stampingStamping material: stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, etc.Application industry: automotive electronics, new energy, communications equipment, medical electronics, etc.Sta...
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