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Bending Forming Box

Bending Forming Box

HSJ provides comprehensive sheet metal box fabrication services, covering cutting, punching, bending, welding, and assembly. We offer a wide range of raw materials, including metal sheets, stainless steel, carbon steel, cold-rolled steel, and aluminum extrusion.

Sheet metal boxes find applications in various industries, such as electronics, automotive, offshore, and more. As one of the leading custom metal box manufacturers in China, HSJ specializes in crafting custom sheet metal boxes tailored to your specifications. No matter the application, we have the ideal sheet metal for your fabrication needs. If you have an upcoming project requiring sheet metal boxes, reach out to us. Discover how HSJ can assist you with your sheet metal box fabrication requirements.

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Custom Sheet Metal Boxes Information

Material of Custom Sheet Metal Boxes

To fabricate custom sheet metal boxes, various materials for sheet metal box fabrication are needed, including 316, 304 stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, alloy aluminum, zinc alloy, titanium alloy, copper, iron, plastic, acrylic, POM, UHWM, and other raw materials. These materials are  necessary for custom metal box fabrication and are very important for getting custom sheet metal box.

Tolerance of Sheet Metal Box Fabrication


Advantages of Sheet Metal Box Fabrication

  • Versatility: Sheet metal box fabrication allows for the creation of diverse shapes and sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Cost-Effective: The efficiency of mass production and the ability to recycle scrap metal contribute to cost-effectiveness in sheet metal box fabrication.

  • Strength and Durability: Sheet metal boxes provide robust structural integrity, ensuring strength and durability for various industrial and commercial uses.

  • Precision and Accuracy: Advanced technologies in sheet metal fabrication ensure high precision and accuracy in creating intricate designs and meeting tight tolerances.

  • Quick Turnaround: Sheet metal fabrication processes are often efficient, resulting in shorter production times and quicker delivery of finished products.

  • Customization: Sheet metal allows for easy customization, enabling the creation of bespoke designs tailored to specific requirements and applications.

  • Material Variety: A wide range of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and alloys, provides flexibility to meet diverse needs and specifications.

  • Scalability: Sheet metal fabrication processes are easily scalable, allowing for the production of both small prototypes and large batches of sheet metal boxes.

  • Reduced Weight: Despite their strength, sheet metal boxes are lightweight, making them suitable for applications where weight is a critical consideration.

  • Ease of Assembly: Sheet metal components are often designed for ease of assembly, reducing labor costs and facilitating efficient manufacturing processes.

Custom Metal Box Fabrication

Sheet metal box bending, also referred to as metal box fabrication, is a crucial process for shaping materials into angular forms—a fundamental aspect of sheet metal forming bending. HSF Fabrication, recognized as one of the most seasoned sheet metal box manufacturers, offers a range of custom sheet metal boxes. Our offerings span from aluminum sheet metal boxes to iron sheet boxes and sheet metal junction boxes.

The process involves bending aluminum sheets, with careful consideration given to the initial bending test, gap inspection, and post-surface treatment assembly evaluation. Subsequent steps include riveting injection, requiring a 160-degree oven temperature for plating, and silk screen printing of white words. Silk screen printing necessitates pre-prepared stencils and the use of customer-specified color inks.

As one of the most renowned custom metal box manufacturers and sheet metal box manufacturers in China, our expertise lies in custom aluminum box fabrication. Various sheet metal boxes are available for sale, presenting excellent choices for your needs. Customers can benefit from personalized services based on 3D drawings, samples, or detailed requirements. For further inquiries, feel free to leave a message or contact us. Trust HSJ for high-quality custom sheet metal boxes—the reliable supplier for your fabrication needs!

Custom Sheet Metal Box Fabrication Processes

Various procedures are involved in the fabrication of custom metal boxes through sheet metal box bending.

  • Processing Technology:

The fabrication process encompasses sheet metal fabrication, CNC laser sheet metal fabrication of sheet metal, bending, and welding.

  • Surface Treatment:

Surface treatment requires either a sample or a Pantone color number.

  • Powder Spraying:

One notable technique is electrostatic spraying of powder coating, commonly known as spray coating. This method involves the use of a specialized electrostatic spray gun. Compressed air transports the paint into the spray gun, where it becomes negatively charged near the corona discharge electrode. Electrostatic and dipole forces come into play. Pressurized conveying gas then propels the paint particles away from the spray gun, guiding them along the power line to the positively charged workpiece. The particles adhere to the workpiece's surface, forming a solid paint coating based on the distribution density of the surface power lines. This ensures a secure and even application of paint onto the workpiece.

Application of Sheet Metal Boxes

Applications of sheet metal box bending, namely,  bending sheet metal into a box, are wide. As one of the most professional custom metal box manufacturers, HSJ has earned rich experience in bending sheet metal boxes. Examples of formed metal parts we have produced include small sheet metal boxes, aluminum sheet metal enclosures, clamps, and mounting brackets, which are used in auto machinery, household item, medical equipment, electrical, etc.

HSJ Custom Sheet Metal Box Fabrication

HSJ is a China custom sheet metal fabrication manufacturer and supplier that specializes in custom sheet metal cabinet fabrication. With extensive experience in manufacturing and exporting, we offer various OEM and ODM services including designing, material selection, processing, surface treatment, quality control, packing, online after-sales support, and project meetings. Our business covers a wide range of industries such as power, energy, medical, aircraft, and industrial cabinets.

The HSJ sheet metal box fabrication process includes the following factors.

1. Design/Drawing: To make an inquiry, customers can provide their own drawings or parameters, and we can produce drawings accordingly within 3-5 days. We accept various file formats such as PDF, CAD, Step, STL, 2D, and 3D. 

2. Sheet metal cabinet materials: Materials for sheet metal cabinets can also be selected from a variety of options. 

Sheet Metal Cabinet Materials
Aluminum2A21,3003,5052,5083,6061,6082 ,8011
Carbon SteelsQ235,SPHC,SPCC,SPCD,SPCE,ST,ST12,ST13,ST14,ST15,ST14-T
Stainless Steel304,304L ,312 ,316,317,321,347,904L,440,17-4ph,430 etc

3. Tolerance: Tolerances typically range from ±0.1mm to ±1mm. 

4. Surface treatment: We offer various surface treatments including sandblasting, shot blasting, grinding, tumbling, polishing, brushing, spraying, painting, oiling, blackening, anodizing, electrochemical polishing, and electroplating.

HSJ metal fabrication
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