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Shenzhen HSJ Metal Fabrication Co., Ltd.

Custom Sheet Metal Stamping Fabrication

Custom Sheet Metal Stamping Fabrication

Material: Stainless steel, aluminum, low steel, iron and so on.

Surface treatment: Anodizing different colors, brush, sandblast, painting, powder coat,galvanise,nickel/tin/chrome/copper plating, etc

Process: stamping,bending ,welding ,riveting laser cutting and so on.

We have laser cutting /bending/reveting/taping/ stamping /bending and orther processing available.)

Tolarance: 0.1mm

What alse we can make?

We are also specialized in the production of aluminum chassis, aluminum switch panel, DIY chassis amplifier panel, shielded box, as well as a variety of specification knobs and machine feet,computer enclosure and so on. Surface drawing, sandblasting, oxidation, screen printing and surface treatment can be customized.

Packaging Details as bellow:

Foam paper and carton box package ,plastic film and the plastic wrap package are optional, or as requested

This series enclosure is widely applied in connection boxes, module cases, control boxes and other types of electronics. We offer hundreds of plastic enclosures are available with different sizes.

We are precision metal stamping manufacturers and we provide you metal stamping service. Also, we have custom sheet metal stamping.

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