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Sheet Metal Welding Method

The commonly used methods for welding sheet metal are argon arc welding, resistance spot welding, carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, and manual arc welding. The overall welding method should be considered for the structural characteristics of sheet metal parts. When selecting sheet metal welding process methods, the technical requirements should be met first. Under this premise, the method with high economic benefit and low labor cost should be selected as much as possible. For most structures, CO2 gas shielded welding and argon arc welding should be preferred. For some machine tools, the outer protection of sheet metal is too large, and the width of the base material is limited. It is necessary to use the splicing method to meet the requirements when cutting. These sheet metal parts are usually thin plates with a thickness of less than 2mm, and welding deformation and stress need to be considered during the splicing process. For example, when welding key parts of a machine tool such as a front shroud, a water baffle, and other seams that require waterproof treatment, it is necessary to fully align the two plates to ensure that there is no gap, and continuous welding is used for welding. And after welding, splice again and apply special sheet metal glue for waterproof treatment.

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