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The Use of Punched Aluminium Sheet (micro Perforated Aluminum Sheet) in Decoration

Decoration is a troublesome thing for many people. How to choose the materials for decoration is a big trouble for many people. With the development of punched aluminium sheet technology, more and more people began to notice this material when decorating. So what are the characteristics of micro perforated aluminum sheet? Let's briefly introduce this new darling of the home improvement industry.

1. What is punched aluminium sheet/ micro perforated aluminum sheet

Punched aluminium sheet is a kind of decorative panel that uses advanced CNC machine tools or laser engraving and perforation technology to drill holes of various shapes on the aluminum surface to meet the personalized decoration needs of customers.

The punched aluminium sheet can be customized according to the designer's different design requirements according to the actual place of use, with different thicknesses, different shapes, different perforation rates, and different sizes including micro-holes for ceiling panels or aluminum panels for facade wall decoration.

Punched aluminium sheet is a kind of accessory product developed along the direction of deep processing of products by combining ordinary aluminum sheet with numerical control technology or advanced laser equipment.

2. Features of punched aluminium sheet

(1) The biggest feature of punched aluminium sheet is that it can be combined with numerical control technology to fully realize the needs of personalized, small-batch home decoration;

(2) The punched aluminium sheet product has a large board area, and the flatness of the board shape is good after the board is being punched by the machine operation;

(3) The punched aluminium sheet has high strength and light weight per unit area;

(4) The punched aluminium sheet has good sound absorption and noise reduction effect, and can prevent moisture and mildew;

(5) The punched aluminium sheet is also easy to install, and the construction is simple. Each board can be disassembled and replaced separately;

(6) The size, shape, surface treatment and color of the punched aluminium sheet can be customized according to customer needs to meet the individual needs of customers.

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