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What Are the Changes in the New Technology of Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Because of the high flexibility of laser cutting and the increasing maturity of 3D design technology, there are many benefits provided by new designs and technology so that the costs will be reduced, and the construction period will be shortened.

Ⅰ. What are the changes in the new technology of precision sheet metal fabrication?

1. In traditional technology, an artifact is made up of several parts, while cutting and bending can be finished at once now, which shortens the process flow, shortens the construction period, and saves costs.

2. In traditional technology, special welding fixtures are provided. Precision sheet metal fabrication uses the woodworking parts between tenons, so the positioning is accurate, and it saves time. Then, the welding jigs are simple, and the product's deformation is small. Consequently, it achieves the goal of shortening the construction period and improving the quality.

3. Multiple sheet metal box processing bending process has been relatively popular in China's box manufacturing industry, and its advantage is that the traditional stiffeners are omitted. The design and process of it are special, so the quality of products is high while the cost is low. In the actual process, it needs to be matched with spot welding.

4. Precision sheet metal fabrication uses a laser, so the kerf is thinner and precision is higher. One cut is accompanied by four bends, and four works are finished. The design under the traditional technology has been broken through, so the construction period has been shortened, and the cost has been saved.

Ⅱ. Sheet metal machining is widely used in industrial manufacture

Sheet metal products have the advantages of light, high intensity, electrical conductivity, low cost, being mass-produced, and good performance. Then, it has a wide range of use. Sheet metal machining is broadly used in the fields of electronics, communication, the automobile industry, and medical equipment. For example, sheet metal is a necessary component of computer cases, mobile phones, MP3. In Addition, it's used in the body of cars and trucks, the fuselage and wings of airplanes, medical units, the roof of buildings, and many other areas. In a word, sheet metal machining has a wide range of use, and it brings many benefits to our life.

With the more and more widespread use of sheet metals, the requirement for sheet metals is higher and higher. Actually, the whole requirement for sheet metal parts is not high, but the fitting is paid attention to. However, the requirement for sheet metal is strict tolerance, and it's not qualified if it's assembled out of tolerance. The requirement for its tolerance is also a level high than that for normal, so the requirement for precision sheet metal fabrication is more strict.

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