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How to Improve the Quality of Sheet Metal Parts Processing?

With the increasing number of sheet metal processing enterprises in China, the competition in sheet metal processing has reached a new level. Therefore, improving the processing quality of sheet metal parts has become an inevitable choice for many sheet metal parts processing enterprises to survive and grow. So, as a sheet metal processing enterprise, how to effectively improve the processing quality of sheet metal parts? We can start from the following aspects.

Ⅰ. Strictly abide by scientific and effective precision sheet metal processing technology

Sheet metal processing is a very rational and process-oriented processing technology. To do a good job in sheet metal processing, it is indispensable to strictly abide by scientific and effective sheet metal processing technology. The scientific and effective process of making precision sheet metal components is divided into four parts, including clarifying the production outline, determining the production type, and analyzing the parts drawings and product assembly drawings.

In addition, perform technical analysis of parts-select blanks, develop technical roads, determine machining allowances for each process, calculate process indicators and airspace-equipment, tools, fixtures, gauges, and some auxiliary tools required for each process. The amount of cutting usage and working hours quota, the technical requirements and inspection methods of each major process should be judged, and technical documents should be prepared and appropriate records should be made.

Ⅱ. Standardize various mechanical operations in the processing of sheet metal components

In sheet metal processing, various mechanical tasks are effectively performed. It can effectively control various processing quality, and the common mechanical operations that must be done are as follows:

1. The welding of secc sheet metal is generally hydrogen arc welding, spot welding, manual arc welding and carbon dioxide shielded welding, which will consider the welding position.

2. The height of the stud and the pressure of the press should be considered for the rivet on the workpiece. In addition, the studs must be level with the surface of the workpiece to prevent the workpiece from being unusable after it is scrapped.

3. After the sheet metal parts are processed, the appearance inspection, including the size, is also carried out. If there is a problem, it must be returned for repair or scrapped directly to ensure the processing quality.

Ⅲ. What is the scope of sheet metal processing?

Sheet metal processing closely surrounds our daily life in everyone's daily life, including chimneys, stainless steel barrels, automobile fuel tanks, gasoline drums, ventilation ducts, elbow sizes, etc. Small metal insulation cups, spoons, stainless steel lunches, staplers, mobile phone cases, etc. The indispensable items in daily life are made of metal plates, and metal plates are produced according to the production and processing of various specifications of metal products that everyone needs.

Sheet metal products have light weight, high compressive strength, electrical conductivity, low cost, and good mass production characteristics, and they have universal main uses. Sheet metal processing is widely used in electrical and electronic, communications, automotive industry production, medical machinery and other industries. For example, sheet metal is an indispensable part of some products, including main cabinets, mobile phones and MP3s.

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