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What Are The Advantages Of CNC Hand Plate Processing?

What Are The Advantages Of CNC Hand Plate Processing?
CNC hand plate processing is a traditional method to remove excess material from the whole material. CNC hand plate processing is generally aimed at a large size and simple shape of the hand plate, although complex hand plate can also be done, to disassemble parts to the process, so that the performance of the hand plate is not as good as the whole processing. So what are the advantages of CNC hand plate processing? Next, Xinchuan sheet metal will give you a detailed introduction?
1. CNC hand plate processing materials are extensive, plastic hand plate and metal hand plate can be processed, unlike 3D printing and vacuum duplicate dies processing materials are limited, some operators can even use CNC processing center to Gong wood, which is beyond other hand plate processing methods.
2. The appearance of CNC hand plate is exquisite. After surface treatment (such as polishing, spraying, painting, polishing, silk printing, electroplating, etc.), the effect of CNC hand plate can be completely comparable to that of the products produced by the mold, or even better.
3. There is a big difference between CNC and CNC processing steel die. CNC processing hand plate is to make a workpiece that can truly reflect the customer's design intention, while CNC processing steel dies is only to do one side, that is, front and rear die, as well as the complex and cumbersome process.
4. The accuracy of CNC-processed hand-plate is higher than that of 3D printing and vacuum duplicating. Generally, the accuracy of 3D-printed hand-plate is only about 0.1mm, while that of vacuum duplicating is lower. With imported CNC machining centers, the processing accuracy can reach 0.02mm or 0.05mm.

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