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What Are the Material Requirements and Principles for Auto Stamping Parts Selection?

Auto stamping parts are metal components used in automobiles. Some can be directly used in autos, while others need to undergo corresponding processes to become auto parts.

The material of auto stamping parts will directly affect the service life and quality of the parts. Next, we will introduce the selection requirements and principles of stamping automotive parts materials.

Selection requirements of auto stamping parts

Understanding the type and use characteristics of stamping parts

Before selecting raw materials for auto stamping parts, we need to understand the type and use characteristics of the stamping parts, so as to select suitable metal materials according to their type and use characteristics. This can ensure the product quality, prolong the service life of auto stamping parts, and improve the efficiency of material use.

Possessing good production process

In addition to selecting according to the type and use characteristics of stamping automotive parts, good process performance should also be selected, so that produced stamping parts can have good economic practicality.

Raw materials for stamping parts with good production technology have a relatively moderate selling price, and people can easily purchase them. Unlike some materials whose production technology results in high selling prices and increases the cost burden for enterprises.

Meeting the needs of the required process

When selecting raw materials for stamping automotive parts, we must know the mechanical performance, physical performance, and chemical performance exhibited by mechanical parts in service. For example, when auto stamping parts are used on frame beams, longitudinal beams, and autoriages, these parts basically play a supporting role and therefore require parts that can bear heavy loads.

Currently, the most widely used process in auto stamping parts production is cold stamping, which meets the requirements of the times. The quality of cold stamping materials will directly determine the product performance, service life, and cost. So we must keep in mind the selection requirements and principles of auto stamping parts to produce good stamping automotive parts components.

Auto stamping parts are relatively lightweight, with high dimensional accuracy, smooth and beautiful appearance, and do not require too much surface treatment.

Generally, the following principles should be followed when selecting materials for auto stamping parts

  • The selected auto stamping parts material must first meet the performance requirements of auto parts.

  • The auto stamping parts material should have good process performance.

  • It should have good economic benefits, which can guarantee the quality of materials and save production costs.

This is the sharing of the selection requirements and principles of auto stamping parts materials. In addition, the auto is a heavy industry, and its hardness requirements must also be met. Otherwise, the entire auto cannot meet its quality requirements. Finally, auto stamping parts must also meet its wear resistance requirements, which often have a great relationship with their service life, so this is also an important requirement.

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