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Characteristics of Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

What is sheet metal laser cutting? Laser processing is the current processing technology. It mainly uses high-efficiency laser to engrave and cut materials. The main equipment includes computers and laser cutting machines. The process of laser cutting and engraving is very simple. It is like printing on paper with a computer and printer, and just set up the program in advance. What are the characteristics of sheet metal laser cutting?

Sheet metal laser cutting features

1. Wide range: it can engrave and cut almost any material.

2. Safe and reliable: it adopts non-contact processing, which will not cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress.

3. High precision: its processing precision can reach 0.1mm.

4. Same effection: it can ensure that the processing effect of the same batch is completely consistent.

5. High speed and fast: It can engrave and cut immediately according to the graphics output by the computer. The speed of laser cutting is much faster than that of wire cutting.

6. Low cost: it is not limited by the processing volume, and is suitable for small batch processing and laser processing.

7. Small cutting seam: the cutting seam of laser cutting is generally 0.1-0.2 mm.

8. The cutting surface is smooth: the laser cutting surface has no burrs.

9. Small thermal deformation: The laser-processed laser cutting seam is thin, fast, and concentrated in energy, so the heat transferred to the cutting material is small, resulting in little deformation of the material.

10. It is suitable for the processing of large products: the manufacturing cost of large parts is very high. Laser processing does not require any mold manufacturing. Laser processing completely avoids the collapsed edges formed when the material is flashed and sheared, which greatly reduces the production cost of the enterprise and improves the product quality.

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