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The Skills and Attention Elements of Sheet Metal Machining

Some skills of sheet metal machining

1. In order to prevent the chip from breaking and hurting people during sheet metal processing, a transparent baffle should be installed in an appropriate position.

2. When it is necessary to polish the surface of sheet metal parts with gauze, move the cutter to a safe position and be careful not to let your hands and clothes touch the surface of sheet metal parts. When grinding the inner hole, do not use your fingers to support the gauze. Instead, use a wooden stick, and the speed should not be too fast.

3. It is forbidden to put tools, fixtures or sheet metal parts on the body of the sheet metal processing lathe and the spindle gearbox. Focus on your mind when you work. Fatigue operation, chat operation, multi-person operation, drinking operation, and smoking operation are prohibited.

4. Keep the sheet metal machining machine tools, tools, and work areas clean and tidy, and make a good handover. When cleaning the work site after work, turn off the power and put all kinds of knife handles in a safe place.

5. When turning irregularly shaped sheet metal, balance weights should be installed, and then cut after trial rotation and balance.

Pay attention to the elements of sheet metal machining

1. Many industries will carry out sheet metal processing operations, including more content, such as punching, bending and forming and other processing procedures. Sheet metal processing personnel must pay attention to whether the parameters are accurate, and also pay attention to whether the method of use meets the standard.

2. When performing sheet metal processing on materials, attention should be paid to reducing energy consumption as much as possible. For an operational responsibility, reducing the amount of material input does not have much impact on cost recovery. However, for a large amount of processing for a long time, if the main intention is to reduce input and loss, it can reduce more expenses for sheet metal processing manufacturers and bring more economic benefits to sheet metal processing manufacturers.

3. During the sheet metal processing, in order to achieve the intention of reducing investment, it is necessary for the operators to strictly abide by the production standards to complete the operation process. Before each processing, you need to review the use of the material. If there is no review, you can not perform sheet metal processing at will.

4. Many professions have not determined the materials before sheet metal processing. Note that the types of materials to be processed must be clarified in advance, and the specifications and models of the materials must be checked. Preparing for the work beforehand can prevent errors in the sheet metal processing process and reduce the amount of waste parts at the same time. So how to reduce the damage degree of sheet metal processing? The following points should be noted:

(1) The warning light is off. Open during use.

(2) Sliding windows are more than one meter wide or double-glazed doors and windows with a double pulley.

(3) Regular maintenance should be done after the sheet metal processing metal stamping parts are installed to prevent rust and corrosion.

(4) Enter the frame door in the window, and the door lock is assembled by the handle. To ensure that it is correct, the switch should be in a flexible position.

(5) The fastening screws must be installed in the metal lining.

(6) The hardware models, specifications and functions of sheet metal processing must comply with national standards and regulations.

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