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Sheet Metal Case Processing Design and Process Flow

Ⅰ. What does the design of sheet metal case processing mainly do:

1. Sheet metal is a very wide technology, common products, car cases, computer cases are all sheet metal products. Sheet metal processing is to use thin plates of the same thickness through deformation, bending, etc. to achieve the structure that you want, which has generally cold-punched die processing, and those common processes including punching, bending, welding and others.

2. The sheet metal design mainly depends on the product, mainly including elevator parts, chassis cabinets, equipment chassis cases, stainless steel kitchenware, electronics company cases, metal parts, automotive sheet metal, air conditioners, electrical metal cases and so on.

3. The most important thing to do is to be familiar with the sheet metal craftsmanship. It is best to go to the workshop for half a year to familiarize yourself with the craftsmanship before engaging in design.

Ⅱ. The general process of sheet metal case processing:

1. Design and draw three views of sheet metal parts to express the sheet metal structure;

2. Expand the three views, expand the way of spreading the part's meaning plane, and introduce the combination of each part in detail;

3. Select the blanking method according to the drawings and materials, and start the blanking. The methods can be divided into several blanking methods such as shearing machine, punching machine, NC numerical control, and laser processing;

4. Flanging and tapping, draw a slightly larger hole on a smaller base space, and then tap on the evacuation to achieve the purpose of increasing its strength;

5. Punch processing is a processing procedure that uses mold forming, including punching, corner cutting, blanking, punching, punching, tearing, punching, and forming;

6. Pressure riveting, using hydraulic pressure riveting machine or punch to rivet nuts, screws, etc. to sheet metal parts;

7. For bending, use a folding bed and corresponding bending molds to fold 2D flat parts into 3D parts in a certain order;

8. Welding, that is, welding multiple parts together, or welding the edge seam of a single part;

9. Surface treatment, phosphating film, baking varnish and other methods as required to achieve the purpose of enhancing adhesion or anti-oxidation of sheet metal case;

10. Assemble, put multiple parts or components together in a certain way to form a finished product.

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