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Application of Process

The processing steps of sheet metal workshop processing parts are pre-test of products, trial production of products and batch production of products. In the process of trial production, we should communicate with customers in time, get the evaluation of the corresponding processing, and then carry out mass production of products.
Laser drilling technology is the earliest practical laser technology in sheet metal fabrication laser cutting. Pulse laser is commonly used in sheet metal workshop. It has a high energy density and a short time. It can process small holes of 1 micron. It is especially suitable for processing small holes with a certain angle and thin material. It is also suitable for processing deep holes and micro-holes on parts with higher strength and hardness or more brittle and soft materials.
The laser can drill the burner parts of the gas turbine. The drilling effect can achieve three-dimensional direction, and the number can reach thousands. Perforable materials include stainless steel, nickel-chromium-iron alloy, and HASTELLOY-based alloy. Laser drilling technology is not affected by the mechanical properties of materials, so it is easy to realize automation.
With the development of laser drilling technology, laser cutting machine has realized automatic operation. The application of laser cutting machine in industrial sheet metal fabrication has changed the processing method of traditional sheet metal technology, realized unmanned operation, greatly improved production efficiency, realized full automatic operation, and promoted the development of sheet metal economy. The hole effect has been upgraded, and the processing effect is remarkable.

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