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Processing Methods and Characteristics of CNC Sheet Metal Processing Technology

Ⅰ. The method of CNC sheet metal processing

For sheet metal processing, there are mainly the following processing methods:

1. Single stamping, that is, stamping processing including: arc distribution, grid holes, etc. is completed in a single time.

2. Continuous punching is divided into the same direction and multi-direction. Continuous punching in the same direction is mostly processed by overlapping molds, which is especially suitable for the processing of long holes. Continuous punching in multiple directions is more suitable for processing large holes with small molds.

3. Nibbling processing, using small round die and small step to carry out arc-shaped continuous punching processing.

4. Single or continuous forming processing. Single forming is CNC sheet metal processing with shallow stretching and one forming according to the nature of the mold. However, if the forming is larger than the size of the mold, continuous forming processing is required.

5. Array forming, this processing method is suitable for processing multiple workpieces on a large plate, and the types of workpieces can be the same or different.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of CNC sheet metal processing technology

The application of numerical control in sheet metal processing shows unique advantages and characteristics, which can be summarized as follows:

1. Simple and convenient to use, low input cost

It has its own unique advantages in the processing of various sheet metal parts, especially for the processing of complex shapes or thin plate parts, which can automatically complete the processing of parts. Holes with different size and shape requirements can be automatically processed according to the requirements of the drawings, and larger holes and contour curves of various shapes can be produced and processed by small punching with small steps. In addition, the mold with simple structure can also process sheet metal parts with special processing technology, such as shallow drawing, flanging holes, etc.

Compared with traditional stamping, the mold is simpler, the sheet metal processing range is wide, and the processing capacity is significantly improved. It is especially suitable for mass production or processing of various forms of products. This allows processing enterprises to keep up with the pace of market development and meet product requirements. The demand is very favorable, and the economic benefits of the enterprise are effectively improved because of the reduction of various expenses.

2. Stable product quality and high machining accuracy

For sheet metal parts, the workpiece has good flatness, higher punching accuracy, stable burr forming quality, and good product consistency.

3. Effectively improve production efficiency

The automatic control system can realize the processing of small batches of workpieces and the simultaneous processing of different parts, and the processing speed of sheet metal is fast. Because the subsequent processing and other links are reduced for CNC integrated processing of sheet metal parts, the production efficiency is greatly improved and the production cost investment is reduced.

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