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Problems and Countermeasures in CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication

1. Pressure injury in CNC sheet metal fabrication

The main reason for the crush injury is the existence of debris on the surface of the material, or the existence of debris in the tool or the turret of the cutter head, or it may be due to the unreasonable setting of the program and the excessive tool clearance.

In this regard, air guns or rags can be used to clean up the sundries on the surface, and check whether there are sundries in the props or turret and clean up. The gap of the lower die should be reasonably selected according to the thickness of the plate, and the ground tool should be demagnetized.

2. Scratches of CNC sheet metal fabrication

The scratches are mainly caused by scratches on the material, or the workers have scratches during the placement process when loading and unloading materials, or it may be caused by scratches on the mold. In this regard, the incoming materials with serious scratches are not used. In the process of loading and unloading, it is best to have two workers lift or lower the materials vertically.

When grinding the burr, be careful not to stack the workpieces for grinding. In addition, the workpieces should be placed neatly and stably, and the height of each layer should be appropriate.

3. Deformation of CNC sheet metal fabrication

The main reasons for the deformation are that the lower mold of the mold is too low, the distance between the molds is too close to affect each other, and deformation occurs during the production process.

For the deformation caused by such reasons, the height of the lower die can be increased. Note that two high lower dies cannot be installed together. The punching position is at a certain distance from the jaws. Use a perforated knife to punch the mesh as much as possible. In addition, the processing sequence can be adjusted, first trimming and then punching the mesh.

The application of numerical control in sheet metal processing has opened up a new way for sheet metal processing and manufacturing, and has enabled machine tool sheet metal processing to have a wider processing range and development prospects.

With the development of numerical control technology, sheet metal processing calculation and processing equipment are also developing in the direction of linkage and composite processing. The numerical control system presents an intelligent and scientific development trend, which fully plays a role in the development of China's processing and manufacturing industry.

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