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Notes for Sheet Metal Stamping

When sheet metal is processed and stamped, there are corresponding precautions. What is it? Here are four points to be noted in the sheet metal stamping process.

1.  Because of small heat conduction and large thermal expansion (austenite system), water-soluble lubricating oil with excellent cooling performance is selected.

2.  The yield strength and tensile strength are high, the work hardening of austenitic stainless steel is large, and it is easy to produce rebound and transverse tool damage. Therefore, the humidity, rigidity and wear resistance of the equipment in the processing plant must be excellent, and aluminum bronze (PVD, CVD surface treatment) is usually selected.

3.  For austenitic stainless steels, the work hardening characteristics around room temperature are greatly affected by temperature, and the formability is greatly affected by temperature and speed. Generally, under high temperature and high speed conditions, the value of n decreases and the molded parts deteriorate. Therefore, the excellent stamping performance can be obtained by using the warm processing method with the influence of temperature.

4.  For some products, the surface gloss of stainless steel plate is often directly used. In the process of external pressure processing, surface damage should be avoided. In order to prevent surface defects and lubricate, usually the surface of steel plate is coated with ethylene or lubricated steel plate.

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