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Master the Use Skills of Laser Cutting of Stainless Steel

Laser cutting of stainless steel uses high energy density laser beam to heat the workpiece, which makes the temperature rise sensitively and reaches the boiling point of the material in a very short time. The material is initially vaporized to form vapor. These vapors are ejected at a very high speed, and together they are ejected, forming a blockade on the material. Next, we mainly understand the use of laser cutting stainless steel skills:

laser cutting of stainless steel

1.Check the straightness of the laser cutting track of stainless steel and the verticality of the machine every six months. Maintain and debug in time when abnormal is found.

2. Laser technology has a very important position in sheet metal processing technology. It advances the productivity of sheet metal process and promotes the development of sheet metal process.

3. Check the laser cutting of stainless steel regularly to ensure the tension.

4. The guideways of laser cutting stainless steel should be cleaned up regularly, and dust and other impurities should be removed. The normal rack of the equipment should be wiped regularly, lubricated to achieve no impurities.

5.When laser cutting stainless steel is working, pay attention to observe the operation of the machine tool, so as to avoid the accident caused by the collision between two sets or out of the effective range of travel.

6.Inspection of optical path: The optical system of the machine is accomplished by the reflection of the mirror and the focusing of the focusing mirror. There is no deviation problem in the optical path of the focusing mirror, but the three mirrors are fixed by the mechanical part, and the possibility of deviation is greater. Although there is no deviation under normal circumstances, it is suggested that the user should work first. It is necessary to check whether the light path is normal.

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