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Introduction to Sheet Metal Processing Technology

Sheet Metal Processing
is the processing of metal plates, such as sheet metal can be processed into chimneys, barrels, oil kettles and other products of different shapes as we know. Sheet Metal Processing is becoming more and more popular with many users. Sheet Metal Processing has evolved from the plastic shell made in the past, through the special process of sheet metal processing, into sheet metal production. The products processed in this way have better strength and longer use time than before.
For each product processed must have a processing process, that is, the processing process, of course, Sheet Metal Processing is no exception, so what is the specific processing steps of Sheet Metal Processing, and how to process it, let's talk about the processing steps of Sheet Metal Processing.
Sheet Metal Processing includes non-die processing and dies processing. Although their processing processes are similar, they can not escape the following points:
1. The design department designs the spare parts pictures of Sheet Metal Processing according to the requirements and displays them one by one in the form of 3D, which is convenient for the processing department to process and fully shows the specific structure of sheet metal parts.
2. For the processing of spare parts pictures, the cutting methods are very good, which can be divided into a cutting machine, punching machine, CNC numerical control cutting, etc.
3. When pressing riveting, attention should be paid to its direction. The sheet metal can be riveted by a punch or hydraulic riveting machine.
4. Welding should be firm. When welding, a bump should be made on the welding surface so that it can touch the surface of the plate. When welding, factors such as welding time and pressure should be guaranteed.
5. Forming processing of sheet metal: mainly bending and stretching the sheet metal. The processing sequence of bending is mainly from inside to outside, from small to large, first bending the special situation and then bending the general shape.
6. Surface treatment: Recently, a protective film was plated on the sheet metal surface according to customer's requirements. The adhesion of baking paint was increased through the automatic operation of a laser cutting machine. The Sheet Metal Processing technology was further changed and the unmanned operation was realized, which saved the human cost and greatly improved the production efficiency. The production quantity has been increased, which will play a significant role in the future development of sheet metal.

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