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What Are the Requirements for Custom Sheet Metal Machining Cabinet?

1. Does the sheet metal machining cabinet need to be customized?

What are the grade requirements for custom sheet metal processing cabinets? Although the cabinets look almost the same, there are still several types of subdivisions according to their uses. The rare ones are the cabinets used for wiring and the cabinets used to house the servers. The cabinet used for wiring is generally used to place multiple terminal switches, so there will be a lot of network cables that need to be connected out, and it is inconvenient to set doors for the cabinet.

Therefore, this kind of cabinet looks more like a rack, and some cabinet manufacturers call this product a wiring rack; in addition, the cabinet used to place the server must have a door and a lock, because the valuable equipment inside must be protected, so expensive routers and firewalls are generally placed in such cabinets.

2. The positioning of the custom sheet metal machining cabinet must be accurate

Sheet metal processing and bending are taken into consideration when mass production is carried out. Accurate positioning work should be done to ensure the welding position so as to be consolidated by electric welding, and bumping points on the steel parts to be welded by electric welding can make the bumps evenly contact with the tablet computer before electric welding, thus ensuring consistent heating at all points, and clearly marking the welding position. After welding, welding slag will appear on the surface of the steel part, which must be processed by a flat ball mill.

3. The process of custom sheet metal machining cabinet

The steel parts must undergo metal surface treatment after the sheet metal machining, bending, riveting and other technological processes. The surface layer of different plates has different treatment methods. After the cold-rolled steel plate is processed, the surface layer electroplating process is generally performed. After the electroplating process, the painting process is not carried out, but the pickling and phosphating. After the pickling and phosphating, the painting process is carried out.

The surface layer of the electroplating process board is cleaned up, deoiled, and then painted. The stainless steel plate is processed by metal drawing before the sheet metal is processed and bent, with no need of painting.

The above-mentioned custom sheet metal machining cabinet is a relatively high-end server cabinet, which is ventilated and dissipated through dense air holes on the front and rear doors. Therefore, the air-conditioning of the computer room air conditioner can be well distributed around each server in the cabinet, and the heat dissipation effect of the entire cabinet is good. In addition, the cabinet material is exquisite, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and its load-bearing capacity is relatively strong.

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