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How to Cut the Bright Surface of the Sheet Metal Cnc Laser Cutting Machine and Its Use Skills

With the rapid development of shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, steel, power generation equipment and other industries, the market demand for sheet metal CNC laser cutter complete sets of equipment has increased year by year. Sheet metal laser cutting technology has gradually replaced traditional processing methods in the field of sheet metal processing with its flexibility and flexibility.

In the processing technology of the sheet metal CNC laser cutting machine, the section of carbon steel is cut very smoothly to achieve a "mirror surface" effect, which is called "bright surface cutting". Bright surface cutting is first used for medium-thick carbon steel, carbon steel plates that are too thin or too thick cannot achieve bright surface cutting.

Ⅰ. How does the sheet metal CNC laser cutter achieve bright surface cutting?

1. It is necessary to control the cutting speed of the sheet metal CNC laser cutting machine. Too fast cutting speed can easily lead to incomplete burning of the carbon steel plate, and the carbon steel cannot be cut through. If the speed is too slow, it will cause excessive burning, which will cause the carbon steel to melt and deform. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring that the carbon steel is not deformed, the cutting speed should be increased as much as possible to achieve rapid penetration.

2. Adjust the cutting air pressure of the sheet metal CNC laser cutter. When carbon steel undergoes oxygen cutting, the combustion of the material will release a lot of heat, so the oxygen pressure cannot be too high. Generally speaking, the lower the air pressure in the cutting range, the brighter the cut section. However, in order to ensure cutting stability, a certain amount is generally increased on the basis of the blocking air pressure.

3. Adjust the nozzle height of the sheet metal CNC laser cutting machine. The height of the nozzle affects the beam quality, oxygen purity and gas flow direction. When the nozzle is lower, the beam quality is better, the oxygen purity is higher, and the gas flow direction is smaller. Therefore, the nozzle height should be adjusted as low as possible for bright surface cutting.

4. Adjust the cutting focus of the sheet metal CNC laser cutting machine. The beam ejected from the nozzle of the fiber laser has a certain diameter. When cutting the bright surface, the nozzle generally used is smaller. If the focus is too large, it will cause the nozzle to become hot and affect the cutting quality and stability. In severe cases, it can even directly cause damage to the nozzle. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the large focus value that the nozzle size can withstand, and then adjust it.

5. Adjust the cutting power of the sheet metal CNC laser cutting machine. Regarding plates of different thicknesses, the greater the thickness, the higher the power required. Conversely, the smaller the thickness, the lower the power required. Therefore, the power should be adjusted according to the actual thickness of the plate to achieve the best cutting power.

The laser cut copper sheet can cut the plate with a bright surface, which is not only because of these factors but more needs the operator to practice in the actual operation. The manufacturers should gradually improve the cutting process to cut the bright surface of the craftwork. Nowadays, laser cutting equipment is more and more common, but many users are not very familiar with operating laser cutting machines. Here are some tips for using a CNC laser cutting machine.

Ⅱ. Use skills of CNC laser cutting machine

1. The dual-focus laser cutting head is a vulnerable item on the CNC laser cutting machine. Long-term use will cause the laser cutting head to be damaged.

2. Check the straightness of the CNC laser cutting machine track and the verticality of the machine every six months, and if it is found to be abnormal, it will be maintained and debugged in time. If this is not done, the cutting effect may not be so good, the error will increase, and the cutting quality will be affected.

3. The sheet metal forming manufacturers should use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust and dirt in the CNC laser cutting machine once a week, and all electrical cabinets should be closed and dust-proof.

4. Check the steel belt of CNC laser cutting machine frequently to ensure that it is tight. Otherwise, if there is a problem in operation, it may hurt people, or even cause death in serious cases. The steel belt seems small. If it goes wrong, it is still a bit serious.

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