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Application of Precision Laser Welding in Industrial Iron Sheet

1. What is precision laser welding?

Precision laser welding is a new type of welding method that uses laser beams as energy sources to impinge on the welded joints to achieve the purpose of welding. It has the characteristics of good welding performance and small deformation, and is widely used for processing and welding on a variety of metals, such as stainless steel plates. So can the precision laser welding machine weld iron sheets?

The answer is yes. With the current industrial development, the application of iron sheets in the industrial field is becoming more and more extensive, and welding as a connection method of iron sheets requires very high skill control. Because of the characteristics of thin iron sheet, high melting point, and simple weld penetration, traditional welding methods often cause weld penetration and excessive defective products when welding iron sheets.

2. Advantages of precision laser welding in industrial iron sheet processing

(1) The welding speed is relatively fast, and the welding seam is smooth and beautiful;

(2) The heat-affected zone is small, the deformation is small, and no treatment or simple treatment is required after welding;

(3) The precision laser welding machine controls the laser beam through an industrial computer to perform non-contact processing on the product, which can weld some places that are difficult to weld with traditional welding equipment;

(4) The laser welding method will not weld through the product. There are many good products, high positioning accuracy, and easy to realize automation.

3. Calculation of relevant parameters for precision laser welding

Laser peak power calculation: the instantaneous power of the laser when it actually emits light. The laser peak power is equal to the uniform power divided by the duty cycle. It is generally on the order of several kilowatts.

Laser pulse energy calculation: refers to the output energy of a single pulse. Determined by the capacity, voltage and xenon lamp of the energy storage capacitor. This is an important indicator of precision laser welding. When spot welding, the stability of single point energy has a great influence on the quality of laser welding.

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