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A Brief Introduction of the Three Intellectual Technologies of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Professional sheet metal fabrication has developed very well in recent years, and its processing technology is widely used in various industries. Then, with the change of technology, intellectual technology is widely used, and here are three intellectual technologies of sheet metal fabrication:

1. CNC sheet metal fabrication

As the name suggests, CNC sheet metal fabrication technology is to use the specialized computer to express operational order numerically. Then, the equipment works in accordance with the pre-prescribed procedures. It has advantages of high processing precision and high processing efficiency.

2. Laser sheet metal fabrication

Laser processing is an inevitable process when a sheet metal fabrication factory processes products. Currently, laser cutting technology has higher requirements for precision to reduce the loss of materials and better protect the environment.

3. The intelligent development of professional sheet metal fabrication

As a leading modern processing technology, intelligent development makes the technology of sheet metal fabrication take a qualitative leap. Then, many technologies such as information management, intelligent manufacturing equipment, and machines replacing humans have developed like never before, which promotes the development of the sheet metal fabrication industry.

Basically, in the operation of sheet metal fabrication factory, any part needs to be used in a metal laser cutting machine for one molding operation, and it develops the welding sleeves that can be connected directly by electric welding. As a result, the use of a metal laser cutting machine shortens the construction period and duration, and improves the working efficiency effectively. Then, it can keep the two-way reduction of the work intensity and production cost of employees. At the same time, it can improve the working environment and the speed and progress of research and development. In addition, it reduces the input of injection mold and saves costs effectively.

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