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Requirements for Sheet Metal Welding Process

1. Welding is made according to the requirements of drawings, technology, and processes. If the drawings are incorrect, the welding of the workpieces is wrong, and the welding and re-cutting are required. Then the piece is processed as defective products.

2. When welding sheet metal, beveling is required in some places. When the processed part has no groove, or when welding the profile, the groove should be polished according to the situation. If the groove needs to be processed, it should be processed and the problem should be reported to the department head.

3. When welding, the shape and position tolerance of the workpiece should be guaranteed, and the shape and position tolerance of the non-machined surface should be implemented according to IT15 level.

4. In the case of welding material replacement, if the thickness of the sheet material does not meet the requirements of the drawing, it cannot be replaced without the written consent of the technical department.

5. The welding seam in sheet metal welding is strictly in accordance with the drawings. When continuous welding is necessary, it must be continuous welding. When intermittent welding is necessary, it must be intermittently weld. If there is no required intermittent welding length and length as shown in the drawing, the standard welding is 8 ~ 10mm at every 50mm interval, and the distance of each welding point must be uniform.

6. Continuous welding seams are required to be straight and smooth, without obvious unevenness, welding penetration, welding deviation, welding scar, porosity, undercut and other phenomena. The welding angle of the weld is subject to the drawings. If there is no requirement, ensure that the welding corner is the minimum thickness of adjacent parts.

7. After welding, each weld should be polished. Remove welding slag and peripheral burrs.

8. Parts that require bending in the drawings cannot be welded without the written consent of the technical department.

9. During the welding of sheet metal parts, the parts that need to be struck can be lightly hammered to the required size with a small manual hammer, and it is not allowed to be struck with an iron hammer on the flat of the sheet metal.

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