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Why Is the Development Trend of Precision Sheet Metal Machining Fast?

Sheet metal machining is one of the most popular fields. We often see a lot of equipment around, such as ATM machine, vending machine, intelligent disinfection channel, telecommunication network server cabinet, electricity meter box, alarm box, power distribution cabinet. This kind of equipment that is not worth mentioning on our side every day is all produced based on sheet metal processing.

What are the knowledge points that sheet metal processing must master? What are the types of sheet metal processing? In fact, the trend in the 20th century was to quickly manufacture parts based on CAD solid models. Its technology is a combination of CNC technology, raw material technology, laser technology and CAD technology, and it is an advanced production and processing technology.

1. What is the ultra-high precision sheet metal machining service?

Ultra-high-precision sheet metal processing is mainly to better get used to high-precision requirements, and its higher specification requirements and surface quality. Therefore, this technology is owned and widely used.

There are actually many machines and equipment commonly used in sheet metal processing. There are many technological processes, and the key processes are CNC lathes, drilling machines, planers, milling machines, broaching machines, CNC grinders and their grinding and polishing machines. This kind of machine can be subdivided.

2. Preparations before the gradual actual operation and application of ultra-high precision sheet metal processing equipment

Clean up and pick up the work site, and there must be no dirt. The oil pipelines, bronchial pipes, cables and wires in the relevant sites of the spraying processing custom factory should be organized to prevent them from being kneaded and damaged during work. For each connector of ultra-high-precision sheet metal processing equipment, oil pipes, bronchial tubes, etc., you should always check whether the connection is tightened, whether it is loose or damaged. If it is damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

3. In recent years, sheet metal processing companies basically have the ability to develop, design and process molds

The production of stamping parts is specialized. It has a relatively high degree of automation, a large scale of production, high product precision, and a more humane and systematic management. In the future, the development of the sheet metal processing industry will implement the design and production concepts of low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving, and material saving, and develop in the direction of precision, efficiency, specialization, scale and internationalization. Relevant professionals pointed out that sheet metal processing companies will transform and develop from six aspects in the future.

(1) Sheet metal processing adopts advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, establishes and improves the quality assurance system, improves the level of precision, specialization, automation and information manufacturing, and meets the needs of mass and flexible production.

(2) Sheet metal processing improves the level of production, marketing and management of the enterprise, reduces management costs, and improves the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise.

(3) In the future, the precision sheet metal processing industry attaches importance to the construction of a talent team and introduces high-quality talents, especially the introduction and training of international talents, and the re-education and training of the existing labor force.

(4) Strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, investigate the development of the sheet metal processing industry at home and abroad, and improve the foresight of leadership decision-making.

(5) Establish the concept of good faith and establish the good reputation of the enterprise.

(6) Establish an overall concept and establish a reasonable supply and demand relationship between upstream and downstream.

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