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What Are the Material Performance Requirements for Auto Stamping Parts?

There are more and more cars on the road. What are the material performance requirements for stamping automotive parts? Different Stamping parts for different car components have different requirements for material performance, but many people are not clear about them. Let us introduce them briefly.

Requirements for material performance of auto stamping parts body parts

The shape of automotive body parts is not too complicated and mostly formed by roll forming. There are certain requirements for the material's formability, rigidity, corrosion resistance, and weldability. Generally, high-strength steel plates with good deformability and weldability, with a strength level of 300-600MPa and ultrafine-grained steel, are used.

Requirements for material performance of auto stamping parts cab components

The cab components of the car are mostly cover parts with complex shapes and complex forming processes, but with low stress. Therefore, the forming performance of the material is the main contradiction. Therefore, it is required that the material has forming, tension stiffness, elongation, dent resistance, corrosion resistance, and weldability. When designing products, steel plate varieties are usually chosen according to the stress conditions and complexity of the plate parts.

Generally, low-carbon cold-rolled steel with excellent stretching performance and ultra-low-carbon cold-rolled steel are selected. In recent years, phosphorous cold-rolled steel plates with excellent forming performance, higher strength, dual-phase cold-rolled steel plates, bake-hardening cold-rolled steel plates, ultra-low-carbon steel high-strength cold-rolled steel plates and other types of steel plates such as coated steel plates, spliced steel plates, and TRIP steel plates, have also been widely used in car body parts such as car door outer plates, car door inner plates, car door reinforcement plates, roof covers, trunk lid plates, and bumpers.

Requirements for material performance of auto stamping parts chassis parts

The chassis, the car compartment, and some supporting and connecting components are all important load-bearing parts and are mostly formed by mold forming. They require materials with high strength and good plasticity, fatigue durability, collision energy absorption capacity, and weldability. Generally, high-strength steel plates with better forming performance, ultrafine-grained steel plates (with a strength level of 300-610MPa), and ultra-high-strength plates (with a strength level of 610-1000MPa) are selected.

The above are the three main requirements for material performance for stamping automotive parts, mainly for automotive body parts, cab components, and chassis parts. Different parts have different requirements. If you need hardware stamping automotive parts, please contact our company Shenzhen HSJ Metal Fabrication Co., Ltd..

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