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What Are the Anti-corrosion Treatments for Sheet Metal Processing?

Sheet metal material processing is called sheet metal processing. For example, in practice, plates are used to make chimneys, stainless steel barrels, fuel tanks for automobile fuel tanks, ventilation pipes, eccentric elbows, circular places, Buchner funnels, etc. The key technological processes include cutting, sheet metal bending and fastening, bending forming, electric welding and riveting, etc. How to complete the safety protection of raw materials for sheet metal processing? How to prevent corrosion of metal materials exposed to the gas? Anticorrosion has always been a big problem for metal products.

1. Anti-rust treatment of rural basic-level sheet metal processing commodities.

2. Sheet metal machining products are used as epoxy resin zinc-rich primer. The key is to use steel frame structure and steel anti-rust finish. The coating has excellent physical and chemical properties, is convenient for engineering construction, and has good supporting facilities. The main ingredients are: epoxy resin adhesive, curing agent, zinc powder, anti-rust paste, modifier, organic solvent, etc.

3. Sheet metal processing products are used as epoxy resin mica positive intermediate paint, as the connecting layer of high-efficiency anti-corrosion materials, and used together with epoxy resin zinc-rich primer service facilities. Their function is to improve the sealing and anti-corrosion performance of the composite coating, and can also be used as an anti-corrosion and anti-rust finish. The coating is tough, has excellent adhesion and sealing properties, and has excellent applicability to the front, back, left and right coatings. Its components include epoxy resin adhesive, epoxy curing agent, biotite compound, anti-rust color paste and so on.

4. The overall surface of sheet metal processing products can be used as epoxy varnish, isopropyl titanate vulcanized rubber varnish, acrylic polyurethane topcoat, fluorocarbon spray paint, etc.

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