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What are the Advantages of Sheet Metal Stamping Processing

Sheet metal stamping processing has high production efficiency, simple operation, and is easy to realize mechanization and automation.

Processing advantages of stamping parts:

1.  The production efficiency of stamping parts processing is high, the operation is simple, and it is easy to realize mechanization and automation. This is because stamping dies and stamping equipment are depend on fine finishing. Calculated by numbers, it generally reaches dozens of strokes per minute. The pressure is as high as hundreds or even thousands of times per minute. Each stamping stroke may get a stamping.

2.  Because the dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy of the metal stamping parts generally do not damage the surface quality of the stamping die, and the use time is long, the stamping quality is not messy and the interchangeability is good. It has the "exactly identical" feature.

3.  The stamping process has a large size range and complex shapes of parts, such as small clocks, stopwatches, automobile longitudinal beams, and cover parts. Coupled with the cold deformation hardening effect of stamping materials, the punching strength and rigidity are very high.

4.  Stamping parts are generally natural without chips, consume less material, and do not require any heating equipment. Its processing method can save materials and energy.

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