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Quality Assurance is an Important Factor in the Development of Sheet Metal Processing

Customer demand is very important, but more important is the quality of sheet metal parts. Therefore, it is very important to strictly control the quality. In the process of sheet metal processing, strict supervision, development of supervision procedures, and strict implementation are very important. Shenzhen HSJ Metal Fabrication Co.,Ltd. strictly controls the quality in detail and strives for perfection of the products, which has won an excellent reputation in the industry.

To process sheet metal parts of good quality, it must be strictly controlled and fully understood the needs of customers. The sheet metal processing has small batches and many varieties. If the control is not good, it is easy to have quality problems. Therefore, Shenzhen HSJ Metal Fabrication Co.,Ltd. has always paid attention to the following aspects to meet the needs of customers and products:

1. Understand customer requirements. When you come into contact with new varieties or new orders, you must have a certain understanding of customers' sheet metal products, and understand customers' requirements for the appearance and size of sheet metal products, and the purpose of the product.

2. After understanding the customer's requirements for sheet metal products, choose different sheet metal processing techniques according to different customers' products, and explain the precautions in the process drawings: such as the surface of the sheet metal parts cannot be scratched.

3. The design department gets the drawings to make the process drawings. The drawings drawn by the craftsman must be checked by another craftsman. After the inspection is completed, it will be signed and confirmed, and sent to the workshop.

4. The first piece of CNC blanking must be fully inspected, and the blanked workpiece must be inspected, including size, unfolding, etc. In mass production, all sheet metal parts must pass the first inspection before mass production. When bending, first confirm the bending direction and bending size, and start mass production after confirmation.

5. For finished products, the dimensions of the welded or bent finished products shall be sampled according to the requirements of the drawings, and each size shall be confirmed during the sampling inspection. At the same time, the appearance should be fully inspected, and the unqualified sheet metal parts should be adjusted in time and checked again. At the same time fill in the inspection report form.

6. Surface treatment, complete inspection of the appearance of surface-treated sheet metal parts.

7. Shipment, the sheet metal parts that fail the inspection shall not be shipped.

8. The first piece of sheet metal parts requires an operator to submit an inspection, and the finished product also has an operator to submit an inspection. After passing the inspection, the inspector can sign it before it can be put into the warehouse. If the operator does not apply for inspection, there is no labor cost for this batch of products.

9. Although the customer's order is urgent, we must ensure the sheet metal processing concept of quality first and speed second.

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