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Precise Sheet Metal Processing Enterprises to Control the Quality of Products

Most of the products processed in the precision sheet metal machining industry are characterized by small batches and multiple varieties, in addition, each customer has different product quality requirements, which is more difficult for sheet metal machining factories to control quality.

Ⅰ. How does a sheet metal machining factory do a good job in product quality control?

1. Precision sheet metal machining factories must understand the needs of customers

When you see new varieties or get new orders, you must first have a certain understanding of the products required by the customer, and also understand the customer's requirements for the appearance and size of the product, and the purpose of the product as well.

2. Precision sheet metal machining factories must understand the requirements of the products required by customers

Sheet metal machining factories choose different processes according to the products required by the customers, and at the same time explain the precautions on the process drawings, such as: the surface of the processed products cannot be scratched.

3. Precision sheet metal machining factories require the engineering department to get drawings to make process drawings

The drawings drawn by the craftsman must be inspected by another, and after the inspection is completed, it will be sent to the workshop after being signed for confirmation.

4. CNC cutting of precision sheet metal

The first piece of CNC cutting must undergo a full inspection. CNC punching, laser cutting machines and others need to be used to check the cuttings, including size expansion, etc. All the first pieces must be inspected before mass production.

5. When it comes to benting during the sheet metal machining, the bending direction and size should be confirmed, and mass production can be carried out after all confirmations.

In traditional crafts, the workpiece is composed of several parts. Now the finished cutting and bending achieve the purpose of shortening the process flow and the construction period, and reducing the cost.

Ⅱ. The mortise and tenon structure used for sheet metal machining

In the traditional process, special welding fixtures are configured. Now the parts are made of woodworking mortise and tenon structure, which is accurate in positioning and time-saving with simple welding fixtures and small product deformation. The purpose of shortening the construction period, reducing costs, and improving quality is achieved as well. Sheet metal machining factories can complete the entire process during the bending and spot welding of the workpiece because of the use of the tenon-and-mortise structure.

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