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Medicine Cabinet

Medicine Cabinet

Material: spcc/sus

Surface treatments Finish: powder plating

Process: Stamping - Welding - Sanding - Powder plating

Tolerance: +/-0.2mm

Expansion: Antibacterial austenitic stainless steel metal materials suitable for medical equipment include 200CU, 304CU, 316LCU, 317LCU, 430CU, etc. These materials are bacteriostatic and corrosion resistant. Stainless steel pattern board is divided into two types:

The first type is that the steel mill is rolled by rolling mill when producing stainless steel. The main thickness of this kind of product is about 3-6mm, which is the state of annealing and pickling after hot rolling. 

The process is as follows: stainless steel billet→hot rolling mill rolling black coil→thermal annealing and pickling line→leveling machine, tension leveler, polishing line→crossing line→hot rolled stainless steel tread plate

This type of tread plate is flat on one side and patterned on the other. This tread plate is more commonly used in chemical, railway vehicles, platforms and other places where strength is required. These products are mainly imported, generally from Japan and Belgium, domestically too Steel and Baosteel are of this type.

The second type is the processing enterprises on the market, which buy hot-rolled or cold-rolled stainless steel plates from steel mills and use mechanically stamped tread plates. These products are concave and convex on one side, and are often used in general civil decoration occasions. More cold rolling steel, most of the 2B/BA Cold rolled stainless steel tread plates are mostly of this type.

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