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How to Optimize Precision Sheet Metal Machining Technology?

In the sheet metal machining process, especially the processing and production tasks that require high precision, the quality control requirements are very strict. Due to the irregular operation in the process, the precision sheet metal components are deformed, which affects the design accuracy. It will lead to the scrap of the product, increasing the unit price of sheet metal processing, and affecting the speed of shipment and the efficiency of the company.

Precision sheet metal processing is often used in industrial manufacturing, which is a cold processing technology for metals. Sheet metal machining helps form beautiful and stable products. Is there any way to optimize the precision sheet metal processing process?

1. Shears for precision sheet metal machining

According to the layout drawing, the CNC punch is cut to length, and the leftover material from the laser and CNC punch corners can be reused. If conditions permit, the size of the decoiled steel sheet can be customized according to the layout drawing to reduce the secondary cutting as much as possible; the secondary cutting of the CNC punched sheet metal fabrication parts of the safe box can achieve co-edge of the sheet metal, but the economic benefit cost ratio must be actually demonstrated.

2. Laser application for precision sheet metal machining

According to the product technology and economic benefits, check the laser frame movement: heterosexual, non-standard, small batch, multi-batch; high economic efficiency, not suitable for CNC punching, high accuracy, and one-time molding.

3. General punching process for precision sheet metal machining

Processes that cannot be met by laser digital punching, such as sheet metal processing around the advertising box, can be produced by the general punching process. Under normal circumstances, ordinary stamping process is very common in the electronics industry and the automotive industry, and the surface layer of the conventional safe box also adopts the general stamping process.

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