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Design Criteria and Process Characteristics for Sheet Metal Machining

In the process of sheet metal machining, various problems are prone to appear.

1. The design criteria for sheet metal machining

First of all, the selection of sheet metal machining materials needs to be consistent with the relevant use requirements.

Generally, plate and sheet metal processing is mainly used for the housing of the equipment and the electrical circuit installation part. Therefore, the choice of plate and sheet metal is very important. If the selection method can be strongly scientific, not only can the processing efficiency be improved, but also the cost reduction in the same effect can be guaranteed. In order to achieve this goal, the staff need to further reduce the number of mold changes, and in the same sheet thickness specification, there should be no more than three options at most. If the structural requirements require high strength, it can be carried out in the form of thin plate beading.

Secondly, it is necessary to avoid that the unfolded size of the whole part is the same as the overall size of the raw material. Especially the plates provided on the market are not square in appearance, but if the unfolded size is the same as the overall size of the whole part, and there is no reserved space, it will cause errors in the processing of product size, and ultimately affect the normal use of SECC sheet metal.

Finally, if SECC sheet metals have the requirements of a decorative surface, people also need to consider the decorative surface and grain direction of them. If the use doesn't need to be considered, the choice of the decorative surface should be based on the direction of the grain. If it is a non-exposed part, the entire sheet metal machining needs to be protected. Moreover, after welding, the welding seam should be effectively treated, which involves a large amount of processing. People can consider the materials without decorative surface in order to aviod unnecessary processing.

2. The process characteristics of sheet metal machining

There are many forms of sheet metal machining, the main classification comes from sheet metal parts, mainly including stamping process, bending technology and welding technology. These three processes can show different processing characteristics, especially when compared with traditional machining processes, there are obvious differences in these three processes and forms.

First of all, the stamping process and the bending technology can be applied to specific molds, while the welding technology uses welding equipment to locate the tooling so as to realize the welding process of parts.

In addition, if you want to transform from traditional processing technology to these three processing technologies, the first thing you need to do is to change the traditional structural design ideas and concepts, focus on new sheet metal processing technology, and make a good choice of equipment and do a good job in the design of molding to avoid the limitation of the entire work due to the design results that cannot be broken.

Moreover, people can also do a good job in the structural design of SECC sheet metal according to the process characteristics of sheet metal machining. In that case, the processing requirements and finished product quality of the entire product can meet the standards.

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