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Bending Technology

Sheet metal bending processing and forming are carried out on the plate bending machine. Place the workpiece to be formed on the bending machine, lift the brake shoe with the lifting lever, slide the workpiece to the appropriate position, then lower the brake shoe to the workpiece to be formed, and apply force to the bending lever on the plate bending machine to achieve metal bending. The minimum bending radius is a function of the ductility and thickness of the shaped metal. For aluminum plates, the bending radius of the metal is greater than the thickness of the plate. When bending, due to a certain rebound, the metal bending angle is slightly larger than the required angle. The bending of sheet metal is carried out in a metal processing workshop.

Bending technology

1. After the sheet metal bending process, the two sides of the corner will protrude from the metal due to the extrusion, resulting in a larger width than the original size. The protrusion size is related to the thickness of the material used. The thicker the material, the greater the protruding point. To avoid this phenomenon, you can make a semicircle on both sides of the bending line beforehand. The diameter of the semicircle is preferably more than 1.5 times the thickness of the material. The same method can be used for the reversal design of the side material.

2. When bending sheet metal, the internal R angle is preferably greater than or equal to 1/2 of the material thickness. If you do not make the R angle, the right angle will gradually disappear after multiple punching and the R angle will naturally form. After this, the length of one or both sides of this R corner will be slightly longer.

3. The sheet metal is easily deformed after being accepted. In order to avoid the occurrence of deformation, an appropriate amount of reinforcement aid at a 45-degree angle can be added at the bend to increase its strength on the principle of not interfering with other parts.

4. It is not easy to maintain the straightness of the general sheet metal parts when they are long and narrow, and it is easier to deform after being stressed. Therefore, we can fold an L shape or fold two sides into a ㄇ shape to maintain its strength and straightness, but often the L and ㄇ shape cannot be connected from beginning to end. What should we do when it is interrupted due to certain factors? At this time we can hit the right amount of ribs to increase its strength.

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